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Alice Cooper, Sheffield City Hall, 25 October 2011

It was 1972 when Lady A bought her pop-up LP of ‘School’s Out’ (which she still has), so she had been waiting almost 40 years to see Alice Cooper live.  So off we went to Sheffield.

Alice Cooper


The support act, The Treament, gave as half an hour or so of what seemed fairly -predictable , chest-thumping ‘rawk’. Competent enough, but on this showing they seem destined to play out their days as a support act or mid-afternoon festival fodder.

So the voice of Vincent Price came over to warn us of the arrival of the headliners. There were early renditions of ‘I’m Eighteen’, ‘Billion Dollar Babies’,’No More Mr Nice Guy’ and ‘Under My Wheels’ mixed with selections from his latest release. (Her Ladyship’s fave is ‘I’ll bite your Face off’).  Now I will admit I am not an Alice Cooper fan. I don’t dislike him/them, but the music does nothing for me. At one point I sat down (I was the only one, I suspect!) and without actually watching the on-stage antics it occured to me that the only difference between the support act and the main act was the pound of black pudding around the singer’s eyes.

The hits kept coming but it seemed like I was watching a Halloween version of Crackerjack, and was half-expecting The Crankies to come on! I realise I am in a severe minority!  And why 3 guitarists!? Long-time AC (and Lou Reed) alumnus Steve Hunter was there, why another 2?

Everybody trooped out happy though, off to buy their bootleg T-shirts, so Lady A and me agreed to disagree. Basically, Alice Cooper delivers what the fans want…and expect…so who am I to pass judgement?