People’s Republic of Mercia. Duck and Drake, Leeds, 16.11.12

The Duck and Drake fell by the wayside some time ago, but has been revived by a landlord who is as passionate and knowledgeable about his music as he is his beer.

Tonight, the top class Brummy rhythm and blues outfit that is the People’s Republic of Mercia hit the tiny stage.  A great mixture of original songs eg ‘Stir Crazy’ and numbers from Bo Dudley (!), Mungo Jerry and Status Quo. Their own songs slotted in well alongside ‘Who do you Love’, ‘I can tell’, ‘Baby Jump’ and ‘Roadhouse Blues’. The only song that didn’t quite work was ‘Milk and Alcohol’, it didn’t fit in with the general style, even though they are obviously Feelgood fans.

Aston has a very good voice, and the occasional harmonica isn’t overdone. Unusually for me, I bought one of their cds, and it was unfortunate that we had to go for our bus after the first set.

Highly recommended  for any fans of ‘proper’ r n b.


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