Butlin’s booking of acts for themed weekends

My previous rant touched on the dubious situation of allowing Mr P. Barton to be in charge of doing this, thereby facing possible accusations of conflict of interest. Looking at the lists of artistes for the music weekends, the number which are on the books of the RAM agency (run by Mr B) is not inconsiderable, which seems to give my concern some mileage.

However, we now find that not only are The Animals and Friends (featuring you-know-who) on at the Rock and Blues Weekend and the 60s weekends but , amazingly, also at the Great British Folk Weekend!! Folk Weekend? Talk about extracting the Michael!! Come on, Mr B, why stop there? The Animals reunited in the 70s to make a record , so book them/yourself for the 70s weekends. They did similar in the 80s too, so can we see you on the 80s weekends too?!


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