The Prowlers, Duck and Drake Leeds, 15.12.12.

It seems nowadays that anyone in the entertainment industry that has reached a certain age is dubbed a ‘national treasure’. So we have Tarby, Brucie, Des, Macca, Elton, Rod, Cilla , Lulu and the like , with Gary Barlow and Cheryl Cole leading the young pretenders. (Thankfully Keef hasn’t joined the list yet! ). So I would hereby like to launch the category of ‘regional treasure’, and nominate The Prowlers in the West Yorkshire section.

Formed in the 80s they tore the likes of The Eagle on North Street apart with some incendiary performances before seeming to implode into a heap of alcoholic dishevelment. They produced a single (a bit under-produced) LP and supported the likes of Jason and The Scorchers and reconvened around the turn of the millennium. The line-up of Andy ‘Prowler’, Andy Dawson, John and Kevin has been their most longstanding.  Any fans of Wilko-era Dr Feelgood who haven’t seen The Prowlers before need to redress the situation, but their gigs nowadays are few and far between.

A short first set tonight saw 4 numbers from the early Feelgoods repertoire. A few old and new originals, and homages paid to the likes of the afore-mentioned Scorchers and The Yardbirds. The second set started with ‘Lost Highway’ followed by Tom Petty’s ‘King’s Highway’, then we had to head off for the bus.

A mixture of rockabilly, ‘proper’ rhythm and blues. cow punk and Johnny Cash with a dash of Dean Martin on speed, they are poles apart from the usual pub covers genre. Check out the Duck and Drake or The New Roscoe websites for future appearances.


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