Todd Rundgren. The Sage, Gateshead. 11.6.13

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA real bonus, especially for Her Ladyship, when we found this was on the night after NYCH. Having paid for our hotel room and the petrol, it was like a BOGOF situation.  Her Ladyship bought ‘A Wizard, a True Star’ back in the 70s, and there were a few T-shirts there that indicated she wasn’t alone.

No support, and we went in to be confronted by drum kit at one side, guitars on the other, with a raised platform containing computers in the middle. So on came drummer, guitarist and Todd centre stage.  I have to say that since OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAseeing Tyrannosaurus Rex at Stockton/Billingham Tech back in the 60s, I have been to many, many gigs and I can’t recollect ever being to one where my attention has been so transfixed by 75 minutes of totally-unfamiliar music. It was absolutely fantastic and having jotted down the occasional words like ‘Angry Bird’, ‘Collide-a-scope’ and ‘Sir Reality’ it was obvious in hindsight that we pretty much got his latest record. I never thought I’d be impressed with such a display of wizardry based on backing music. Although I don’t expect 10cc to have 256 vocalists on stage for ‘I’m not in Love’ !  Mr R barely touched his own guitar, and it was only the encore medley which included the just-about recognisable words ‘Can we still be Friends’, ‘Hello it’s me’ and ‘I saw the Light’ which hinted to earlier times.

If any dates left, GO!  Never mind any previous knowledge, leave it all at home. This is not a request, it is an instruction. Tickets were £19.50, an absolute steal. (See previous report re ticket prices, a mere £30-odd for Pink Floyd copy outfit!).   This man has been producing his own stuff for more than 40 years , with barely a ‘I’m so Proud’ to contaminate the originality.


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