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Beermageddon P.S.

I don’t do the likes of Facebook or Twitter, but I was a bit surprised when someone on one of these sites reckoned I was a ‘troll’.  I hope that if the organisers and participants read the review, they will recognise that, yes, I was having a light-hearted dig at the genre but I was also taking the p*ss out of myself at being on a different planet to these people!  I said that the ‘metal’ audience was very polite, that the musicianship was decent, that the totally original material was to everyone’s credit and that credit was due to people highlighting the appalling circumstances behind the death of Sophie Lancaster.  Trolls are malicious , they wouldn’t have said these things. By all means call me a silly old bugger but I am not a troll. Look at the general tone of it all… and, if still in doubt, look at the bloody t-shirt!!


Beermageddon 2

There was a sign outside the venue, ‘No Campsite Alcohol Allowed Inside’.  To be fair,that is not unreasonable. However, when the price (not here, please note) is £4.50 a pint and the robbing gits charge £2.50 for a half it is disgraceful.   No food allowed in, at some fests. If you are veggie, diabetic, have allergies, or , God forbid, don’t like the (extortionate) stuff on offer, then what?   How about extending it to sunglasses?  ‘Sorry, you have to buy them in here’. Hats?  Same again.  When is it going to get to the state that you can only come in dressed in your underpants because the stallholders get charged a fortune for their pitches and you have to buy their jeans?!

Beermageddon. Stoke Prior. 23-25.8.2013

This was always going to be a challenge to do a review. I have 2 basic items I think about at a festival. 1. Any sleep is a bonus and 2. A pint that starts with a 2 is a miracle. We were asked to partake of the beer here (as cheap as anywhere local) and have respect re the noise level late at night. Tetley’s was £3.10 and Carling £3.40, so part 2 of the above never happened, and part 1. ? What do you think?!

Friday. First thing I noticed were children in front of PA speakers with no ear protection. Not good.                         First lot came on. Drummer who looked like a woman, bassist dressed like a monk. Bearded, kilted singer with a blue face, guitarist looked almost out of place.  Singer’s dad must have been a grizzly bear, judging by his growling. Thought their name was AAARRGGHHH!, but it was Haerken. Amusing, like a metal Robin Hood panto. Drinking of ale, much thee and thouing, and a silly fight with blown up plastic weapons.                               Next up were a couple from Jaldaboath. Like a Richard 111 version of Wham. Backing music, singer who messed about and sang, the other one who just messed about.   Templar get-up with spectacles didn’t quite work, but silly version of ‘Black Beauty’ provided maximum extraction of urine. Get them on at Cropredy!                            Incassum. Interesting flyer, female singer, extreme hairswinging from 60%…the other 40% didn’t have any hair. Distorted, girl sounded like Linda ‘Exorcist’  Blair . Not for me, but better than 4 shoe-gazing teenagers playing for their parents and school friends.                         Donna the poledancer is next. Las Vegas comes to B60.                              Flayed Disciple. 2 baseball caps, 1 short grey hair, 2 hairies. Instrumental opener that definitely wasn’t Atom Heart Mother 2.  I think the next number had some words. Do these ‘vocalists’ have industrial strength Strepsils on prescription?!   Like being at a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy gig, I was hoping to actually write down a song title after 2 and a half hours. Caught ‘Ejaculate…’ but that was it. Strange to hear Dire Straits, Journey and Deep Purple during the interval.                              Last up are Fallen Fate from Darlo (Darlington, where a pint of bitter can definitely be found for less than £3.10).  Singer made one of those ‘I am the main man’ belated entrances. Still couldn’t make out much lyrically, but managed to pick out song titles ‘Until the final hour’, ‘Rituals’, ‘Last rites’. More smoke machine, singer from Onslaught joined for encore. (I thought Onslaught was one of these new-fangled Commodore 64 computer games).  They were probably the best of the night.

Saturday. No Sleep Till Bromsgrove?  Her Ladyship reckoned it started to die down 3.30-ish.  We were camped near the 6 Portaloos, it was interesting to see the reactions of the customers in the morning. Trap 1 was definitely a non-runner, and Trap 4 withdrawn under starters orders!   PA music had dodgy MOR Irish-sounding, before…                                           Kremated.  Smoke machine going hell for leather again, much growling and bashbashbashbash drumming. Then another one, then another. Slow Metallica-ish intro, but not for long!  All very serious, couldn’t pick out any banter other than ‘fackin’. Bit of fun at the end, ‘Playaway’, result of sale of charity cds. ‘Thrash ain’t Dead’ singalong, they seemed very popular.                        Bull Riff Stampede.  Started out quite slowly but soon entered the Thrashathon Stakes.’Horns in the air’ was the request, sadly I had left my trombone at home. Went for some food while they were discussing new management and cd . Missed most of Gravil. A touch closer to Heavy Metal than anyone previous, but not very close.  Last number started out with the usual ‘Unforgiven’ type intro but changed into ‘Unforgiveable’.  Still, the 20 or so watching seemed happy.                                    Old Corpse Road. Backs to the audience, Vincent Price-ish spoken intro, then 3-part Growlfest. These are grown men who should know better, the bass player is extremely grown!   Lots of medieval-type stuff, a song about a witch from somewhere, I realised that I shouldn’t really be here. Plenty of people knew the songs though, even the monastic ‘aaahing’ that sounded like The Herd did in the 60s.  At least everything wasn’t at 100mph.                                          Sacrilegious Throne.  Delayed entrance from the ‘singer’, he was obviously putting the black pudding round his eyes.  It looked like Dave Vanian from the Damned , with Prince Harry on bass.  Why do they have to growl when they talk too?  I suddenly had this vision of one of these ‘singers’ going into his local chip shop, ordering fish, chips and f**kin mushy peas, motherf**kerrrr, taking them home and bursting into tears when his mummy bollocked him for forgetting the salt and vinegar.  I realised I was danger of turning into parent mode, thinking ‘they all sound the same’, but it really occurred to me that I would have struggled to put a song to a group if I was presented with one from each. Award for worst guitar solo so far…sorry, make that solos.                                Skreamer. The name hinted that it wasn’t going to be a Carpenters tribute act.  Straight into Beermageddon cliche mode, swinging of hair, growling, smoke machine.  And why is it that these people seem to be continually accusing me and Her Ladyship of having sex with our father’s wife?!  (Think about it!)  One strange, but positive, aspect of a ‘metal’ audience is how polite everyone is. Even more so than Cropredy. Mind you the only ‘f’ words you are likely to hear there are ‘Fairport’, ‘Fotheringay’ and (f**kin) Folkies.  ‘Opium’ featured a female guest vocalist, and gave the singer time to remove his shirt, thus demonstrating that his mum had bought him a NoNo hair removal kit for his birthday. (Come on, you need to watch daytime tv!). ‘Photograph’ sounded like a 1992 Nirvana/Metallica number. Game of British Bulldog again, (I didn’t realise moshing still went on). ‘Stop your bitching’ got the audience singing, Her Ladyship thought they were ok.                                      Eternal Fear were the first outfit that sounded more like classic heavy metal than a pack of rabid dogs. Not from the UK, they were closer to Black Sabbath than Black Sputum, although the singer wasn’t the strongest I’ve heard. Fans of eg Dio  wouldn’t be disappointed. ‘Child of darkness’ and ‘Away’ made them the best so far, for us, but having Tim Henman on drums got them a point knocked off.                                 Last are Beholder, and I suspected ‘Normal Service will be Resumed’. Not wrong. At least he spoke relatively normally between the growling. Ok, the ‘effing’ is par for the course but I can do without the ‘c’ word, especially with kids there. I wonder how many people there thought ‘Foul-mouthed f**kwit’ ? Looking at him , I reckon he must have eaten the the last person to call him that…and the one before!  ‘We’ll see you guys a-f**kin-gain!’   Mate, you’ve got more chance of seeing Harold F**kin Shipman than you have of seeing us.            Bonus points for Beholder and Skreamer highlighting the bigotry-fuelled death of Sophie Lancaster though.

So, an interesting experience, but we decided to uproot stumps and come home after Saturday night. Maybe I was expecting more ‘classic’ heavy metal, as opposed to an attack of speedthrashdeathmetalgrungebollocks. ‘Plus’ marks for everybody playing original stuff, and musicianship decent too, but way over my head.

Rockin’ the Park. Post script

Following the comments made by some UKIP man about women not being as good at chess, poker, etc, the whole thing about there not being enough women on boards of directors or not enough women MPs has lumbered out of the closet.  It occurred to me that there wasn’t a single female on the bill at all at Clumber Park. If Harriet Harperson were Prime Minister ( or would that be Ministress?!), would she have vetoed such an event?  How an earth have The Temptations got away with all their replacements being male?  And, what’s more , black?!  Would they be able to advertise for a black male without being accused of racism or sexism? (Won’t even get into ageism!).  I remember our office manager being told he could not advertise for a female secretary!

I wonder how successful The Beatles would have been if they had been forced to exchange 2 of their members for 2 of Martha and the Vandellas?!    Silly season now suspended.

Rockin’ the Park. Clumber Park. 16.8.2013

Less than an hour’s drive, well signposted, friendly park staff, so a good start. And Family have turned up! (Have been to see them many years ago when they didn’t.) If it isn’t them, a tribute act are soundchecking with ‘My Friend the Sun’ and ‘Sweet Desiree’.

‘No food or drink to be taken into the arena’. There seems to be a choice of pizza, sandwiches or burgers. So if you are diabetic, have an allergy or veggie it could be a pretty miserable affair. And no stoves/glass  allowed onto camp-site. So you can’t cook any breakfast in the morning , and there aren’t any bacon etc outlets.  The promoters seem to be professional people, so why this glaring lack of thought?

Searched 3 times before actually getting onto the field, where it is seemingly ok to buy a glass bottle of beer?!  We got a free Family programme which seemed extremely generous of Family, but they could well have been left over from the February gigs. Either way, cheers to them!

Michael Chapman is first. Her Ladyship worked at the Penthouse in Scarborough in the 70s, and got a big limited edition poster when it closed down. Every gig recorded, and I reckon if you remove Colin Scot, Mike Absalom, and Mr C (‘Mike’) it could be reduced to A4 size.  He has a great guitar style, as demonstrated by the opening’ Trains’. We also got ‘Just another story’ and ‘In the Valley’ and it seemed to end before it had barely started, sadly.                                    Next are fest regulars, Snakecharmer. Again, a shorter-than-usual set, with no room for Mr Moody’s solo spot. They continue to grow away from the mainly Whitesnake  setlist, and ‘Guilty as Charged’, ‘Sweet Satisfaction’ and ‘My Angel’ are early numbers. Inevitably, ‘Here I go again’ and ‘Fool for your lovin” are featured, but even after an hour and a half, the crowd was very, very thin.  First visit to the toilets and there are lots of urinals, which some other festivals would do well to note, rather than a huge queue at the end of the night for portaloos when most men just want a gypsy’s kiss.                                Caravan next. Have seen them 3 times in 8 months, which is the same as in the previous 60 years, so I need a rest after this. Same start (from ‘Girls who…), ‘Land of…’, ‘Smoking Gun’, ‘Nightmare’ and ‘Golf Girl’ with spoons and washboard duel. Some violin plucking from Geoffrey reminded Her Ladyship of hearing a woman say to her husband ‘See , I told you he had a ukelele’ at Cambridge!   ‘9 feet underground’ to finish and the evening seems to be flying by.                              Asia have a new, young guitarist and start out with ‘Only time will tell’. The set is heavily-dominated by the first 2 LPs but ‘Go’ from ‘Astra’ has been resurrected. Was  Mr Howe maybe not keen on playing songs he didn’t originally play on?  If so, room for more from that underrated LP maybe?  ‘Face on the Bridge’ is the only recent song and after ‘Heat of the Moment’ it is over, not even an hour.                                    Headliners Family all troop on, with Roger Chapman bringing up the rear. We have Mssrs Chapman, Palmer, Cregan and Townsend, augmented by 5 hired hands including Geoff Whitehorn (Charlie Whitney declined the reunion offer) and (unusually) a second drummer. We soon get ‘Drowned in Wine’ which reminds me of their gig at Leeds University in 1971. Mr Chapman on that occasion demonstrated to an audience of about a thousand how to terminate the life cycle of a tambourine, closely followed by a similar demonstration with a mic stand.  ‘Part of the Load’, ‘Holding the compass’ are featured along with one of my favourites ‘Hung up down’. This one maybe highlights a drawback with the extended line-up. The original had a great guitar rhythm which doesn’t get a look in tonight, and Chappo has a rest during a Poli Palmer instrumental.   ‘Between Blue and me’ and ‘Burlesque’ keep things going, although maybe a few are disappointed that John Wetton didn’t put in a guest spot to play THAT distinctive bassline on the latter.    The night is completed with ‘In my own time’, ‘Weaver’s Answer’, ‘My friend the sun’ and their penultimate single ‘Sweet Desiree’.  A great set list, and a thoroughly slick and professional display. Back in the day, Family just had that hint of danger about them , and maybe the current line-up just lacks that ‘edge’. Maybe they have just grown up!!

A really good line-up of music this evening , in a beautiful setting  (I’ve liked more music in 6 hours here than in complete weekends at some festivals.). But the attendance was astonishingly pitiful, especially given the Family reunion aspect. Great for us, we were sitting only a few yards away, but the crowd was in the hundreds, I reckon. Only about 30 tents on the campsite, the organisers must have lost a skipload of money. BUT Saturday’s 80s-themed event looks to be heavily-sold, so you win some, you lose some. The whole event was all over in just over 6 hours, apparently a curfew was in force.

Fairport’s Cropredy Convention. 8-10.8.2013

We did Croppers in 2009 and 2010, missed last couple of years, but the lure of Alice Cooper was too hard to resist for Her Ladyship.

Thursday. Opening 20 minutes from the                                         ‘acoustic’ Fairports. ‘Festival Bell’, the song about a maidenhead whose title I forget, ‘John Barleycorn’ and ‘Walk Awhile’.                               Good stuff, but then it is Fake Thackeray. I found Jake Thackeray’s  voice really irritating so Mr W’s tribute was on a loser, sadly, with me. A genuine tribute from a genuine fan, but even Her Ladyship (who likes him) reckoned he was ‘lost in a big field’. (An evil thought crept in my mind, i.e. it would have been good for me if he had been ‘lost in a big field on the Isle of South Uist’, but that would have put me very much in a minority.).                                          Next came Romeo’s Daughter.  A strange choice, having some pretty ancient ‘rock’ act who never really made it first time round, but full marks to them for keeping going. Back in the day, a young sultry female vocalist was their selling point, and they have a song which inspired their name. ‘Wild Child’ and ‘Inside Out’ also got an airing.                          Croppers has an eclectic mix for sure, and Edward 11 were further evidence of this. Some sort of folk/reggae amalgam, basically reggae with a squeezebox.  I was going to be as euphemistic as possible , and say that they weren’t particularly inspiring, but then they gave us a reggae version of ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’. No doubt folkie purists weren’t happy with the Byrds version back in the 60s, but today the euphemism has to go! It was complete SH*TE.  Can’t bring myself to say any more.                                   Thankfully the DJ gave us Cheap Trick’s ‘Dream Police’, and on came Alice Cooper. Slightly different from his last tour, he opened with ‘Hello Hurray’ and there were plenty of early familiar songs, eg ‘Under My Wheels’, ‘No more Mr Nice Guy’, and ‘Hey Stupid’. One of Her Ladyship’s newer favourites, ‘Bite your face off’ was included, and we got a strange section featuring The Doors, The Beatles, Hendrix and The Who. ‘Eighteen’, ‘Poison’ and, of course, ‘School’s Out’ finished the night. No ‘Elected’, but all the pantomime theatricals.  He puts on a great show, although I am not a fan, and he was pleased with the reaction.  A good time was had by all (nearly!)

Friday.             Missed Greg and Ciaran, but caught the last few numbers from Danny and the Champions of the World. We came in to what sounded like the riff from Squeeze’s ‘Black Coffee in Bed’, and they had that sort of 80s sound. The pedal steel gave them a Kursaal Flyers feel too.  Got people jigging around.                                   Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman. Mr S. Lakeman is probably most known for his playing with another Mr S. Lakeman,  and he had a similar feel in his playing.  ‘Jackie I said…’ is a song by the much-underrated Mutton Birds, (I think) and there was a poignant song about the miners’ strike which was rendered almost impossible to hear, as we were behind a group of about 20 people who may as well have had a BBQ in  one of their gardens, put on ‘Queen’s Greatest Hits’ and saved themselves a hundred quid or so each.  ‘Money and Jewels ‘ was good, and they deserved much more attention. Sadly, it is 20,000 in a field, not 20 in a folk club.                                    The Moulettes gave us an unusual range of instruments, and they were themselves unusual too. A mainly female ensemble, again not really appreciated by what is nowadays an understandably chatty family Cropredy crowd. Impressive musicianship, but even Her Ladyship had to admit to losing interest, and maybe it could have done with being a bit more lively.                                                 Lunasa were next. 100% instrumental, it may work in Ireland, but there aren’t many who can carry it off without vocals. Maybe one more on stage (singing) may put them somewhere near the Bellowheads of the folk world.  Plenty of chat and info but too ‘samey’.                                      Steely Dan’s ‘Babylon Sisters’ from the DJ, and it is Martin Barre’s New Day. I thought he was short of a decent vocalist last year at Weyfest, but there has been no change.  ‘Cry you a song’, ‘Thick as a brick’and ‘Fat Man’ were among the many Tull favourites, but ‘Rock me baby’ needs Jimmy Dewar or Paul Rodgers to sing it.  Another bluesy run-of-the-mill instrumental seemed to highlight a major flaw in the scheduling of the artistes. The Moulettes had a lot of instrumentals, Lunasa were totally instrumental and MBND had a big non-vocal part too.   Too much, in my opinion, a bit more thought needed.   Speaking of more thought, all you people who bought this year’s t-shirt, look on the back. The word’ Britain’ has been made ‘Brit-ain’ and split to continue on the next line. How totally amateurish is that?!  I know it is being pedantic, but who has designed that?!  A 10 year old designing a poster would be shown how to plan the text and not to run out of space!!                                               Anyway, The Levellers. More t-shirts even than Alice Cooper (no I didn’t study the layouts!),  they were big in the 90s and have had the sense to prolong their popularity by  organising their own festival. That sounds a bloody good idea, wonder if anyone else has had a similar idea?!  Plenty of jumpyupanddowny stuff (‘What a Beautiful  Day’), ideal for any festival, and Her Ladyship was impressed with the didge. Also got ‘Devil went down to Georgia’.                                              The real deal next, 10cc. I wonder how many of those who snidely say it should be two and a half cc, are Fairport fans (and are watching only one of the six originals!?).  10cc are as good, and valid, as Fairport are today.   They start with ‘Second Sitting to the Last Supper’ harking back to the tour after Godley and Creme had left. Then a plethora of hits, plus the peerless ‘Feel the Benefit’. When people nominate the best single ever, (usually Queen), they should give a real listen to ‘I’m Mandy, Fly Me’. Absolute genius.  ‘Old wild men’ is dusted off, we get an acappella ‘Donna’ and and extended ‘Rubber Bullets’ finishes off a stellar performance  . ‘Best of Fest’ by a country mile.

Saturday.                         It wouldn’t be Croppers without Richard Digance and he doesn’t disappoint. The Snowmen song, ‘You were the first’, What’s the use…’, ‘Great Britain’, ‘Sod’s Law’ and the brilliant ‘Saga Lout’ kept everybody entertained and there aren’t many who could get (most of!) the crowd on their feet doing a children’s ‘animal noises’ song.                                        Six gyrating wenches billow on stage, and they are the Mediaeval Babes. Definitely not regular folk club stuff, many songs in ancient verse, including Latin.  Must have taken lots of work to produce, Her Ladyship thought she heard a hint of Pink Floyd’s ‘Set the Controls…’ at one stage.  Seemed to be more on stage than UB40, and I can’t see them playing in a local pub for £200 somehow!      Don’t know their names, but one of them must have been called Cosmic Teacake, I reckon.  I looked away, and they had changed into black dresses. Her Ladyship almost missed the change, as she had to have a time out due to lack of sleep last night. Seemingly somebody snoring like a saw mill (I slept ok!).    Very unusual, and deserving of a spot here.                                                                 Brooks Williams from Georgia starts with ‘Amazing Grace’, and the set develops into country-ish, bluesy stuff. Bit of Doc Watson, but I am not convinced of his ‘legend’ status. A song by Dave Alvin, then ‘Carry On’ (not the CSNY number which later comes out from the DJ), a Motown-inspired song which is unmemorable,  some Muddy Waters and a decent ‘Statesboro Blues’ to finish.  Not a youngster by any means, and I can’t really see him anywhere other than Planet Supportactland.                                                         The Dunwells from Leeds were next but the first 10 minutes or so passed me by as some a**ehole put a tent up in front of me every time I moved to get a spot where I could see the stage.  Tossers!  Electro-folky stuff, can’t quite see the ‘Americana’ tag. Started well, but like a lot of the weekend, my attention waned.                                                            Paetbog Faeries. Very popular with the folk who like jiggy Leatherat sort of stuff.   There appear to be plenty of them here, but (like a lot of these acts that are festival regulars), would any of the audience actually buy a ticket and go and see them in their own right? The jury is out.   More instrumental numbers, some calypso stuff, if I was on the jury I know where I would be if I was asked to buy a ticket to see them. Of all the acts this weekend , I have bought tickets in the past for 10cc, Fairport and (under duress) Alice Cooper…and that’s it.                                                Next, in Croppers’ Glasto Bruce Forsyth naff spot, we have Nik Kershaw. Last time I thought ‘Why?’, now it is ‘Why?’, ‘Again?’.    However, all was later revealed when it turns out that Ric Sanders was seemingly either his rent boy or his Fan Club president in the 80s.  Like paying to listen to a DJ and he plays the stuff HE likes and not what you want. The tent was too far away to go back and have something to eat, so I reluctantly hung around but, as I had done on previous days, invested in a Welsh oggie.  There is, of course, an old Welsh piece of advice, namely ‘An Oggie a day keeps the jazz-funk away’, and it is true!  Not a note all weekend!                                               But next is a surprise 20 minute slot from Jasper Carrot. Wonderful, it made all the post-Digance stuff seem a distant memory.                                               9.00pm and it is Fairport.  ‘Sir Patrick Spens’ and ‘Jewel in the Crown’ start things off, and the set includes moving versions of ‘Fotheringay’ and ‘Who knows where…’.   The guest spots, however, are not the highlight. The ‘Excalibur’ stuff from Martin Barre, and Ric’s chum Nik, seem like padding in a 3 hour marathon set, and it seems strange that the maidenhead song and ‘John Barleycorn’ get another airing. Bring back ‘Close to the Wind’ lads.  ‘Meet on the Ledge’ finishes off the festival as usual.

Croppers is always well run, friendly and polite. However, put these demure folkies behind a campervan wheel and watch them try to funnel out on Sunday morning through a narrow gate. They turn into Mike Tyson, and at one point I thought Her Ladyship was going to get out of the car and punch one of these saddoes’ lights out!    The stewards actually do a decent job trying to get people out, a thankless task.   For us, Croppers has to have someone each night to really look forward to, (eg Status Quo and Little Feat), and if next year there is a chance of the New Riders of the Purple Sage, Poco or Pure Prairie League, the cheque’s in the post

Cambridge Rock Festival 2013

A few points I feel need mentioning

1. Press Passes. Who are these people?! They must have phenomenal memories. They never watch or listen to the acts, they spend all weekend chatting. Last year’s Weyfest was the same. I spent the whole weekend scribbling and the organisers lifted part of my review for their home page and put a link to here. I thought I would cheekily ask for a press pass for this year. I am sure you will be surprised to know I was not successful!

2. Alcohol. I do not have a problem with the circumstances. I lobbied Dave for ages to get some smoothflow beer on in addition to the barrels of real ale. So I am not going to bring in my own beer! However, I do have some sympathy for those who were maybe not ‘aware’ of the increase in ‘keenness’ of the security. BUT, like Dave so succinctly put it, ‘Mr Tesco doesn’t put on festivals’.      However, there needs to be consistency .

3. Chairs in the marquee. People were sitting on chairs at the back on Thursday and Friday. We were sitting on shooting sticks, not chairs, for a while at the back on Saturday. Three stewards in front of us said nothing. A young lady later told us to stand up. We pointed out that it had been seemingly ok so far? Apparently the others hadn’t been doing their job properly. I reckon they HAD  been doing their job sensibly! We pointed out we did not have ‘chairs’. She said it applied to chairs, stools. (I don’t think so!). So what about merchandise people ? Do they have chairs? In fact they have bloody great tables too!   And if it applies to stools, I was going to instruct her to tell the people on stage, who were sitting on a stool behind a drum kit…still in the marquee, of course!… to stand up! WE have to!!  Getting a bit silly now!  Yes, but I didn’t start it!  Again consistency.

4. Security on the camp site. Seemingly security people patrolled with dogs?! So what about those morons who were shouting and bawling all night, honking car horns?  These security people therefore either approved of their actions, ignored their actions, didn’t patrol at all, or were all called Tommy and prompted Pete Townshend to write a bloody rock opera about them ( i.e they were deaf, dumb and blind!)      Whatever the reason , they didn’t do their job.

The above didn’t have a major effect on our weekend, just some minor negatives on an overall positive