Cambridge Rock Festival 2013

A few points I feel need mentioning

1. Press Passes. Who are these people?! They must have phenomenal memories. They never watch or listen to the acts, they spend all weekend chatting. Last year’s Weyfest was the same. I spent the whole weekend scribbling and the organisers lifted part of my review for their home page and put a link to here. I thought I would cheekily ask for a press pass for this year. I am sure you will be surprised to know I was not successful!

2. Alcohol. I do not have a problem with the circumstances. I lobbied Dave for ages to get some smoothflow beer on in addition to the barrels of real ale. So I am not going to bring in my own beer! However, I do have some sympathy for those who were maybe not ‘aware’ of the increase in ‘keenness’ of the security. BUT, like Dave so succinctly put it, ‘Mr Tesco doesn’t put on festivals’.      However, there needs to be consistency .

3. Chairs in the marquee. People were sitting on chairs at the back on Thursday and Friday. We were sitting on shooting sticks, not chairs, for a while at the back on Saturday. Three stewards in front of us said nothing. A young lady later told us to stand up. We pointed out that it had been seemingly ok so far? Apparently the others hadn’t been doing their job properly. I reckon they HAD  been doing their job sensibly! We pointed out we did not have ‘chairs’. She said it applied to chairs, stools. (I don’t think so!). So what about merchandise people ? Do they have chairs? In fact they have bloody great tables too!   And if it applies to stools, I was going to instruct her to tell the people on stage, who were sitting on a stool behind a drum kit…still in the marquee, of course!… to stand up! WE have to!!  Getting a bit silly now!  Yes, but I didn’t start it!  Again consistency.

4. Security on the camp site. Seemingly security people patrolled with dogs?! So what about those morons who were shouting and bawling all night, honking car horns?  These security people therefore either approved of their actions, ignored their actions, didn’t patrol at all, or were all called Tommy and prompted Pete Townshend to write a bloody rock opera about them ( i.e they were deaf, dumb and blind!)      Whatever the reason , they didn’t do their job.

The above didn’t have a major effect on our weekend, just some minor negatives on an overall positive



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