Rockin’ the Park. Post script

Following the comments made by some UKIP man about women not being as good at chess, poker, etc, the whole thing about there not being enough women on boards of directors or not enough women MPs has lumbered out of the closet.  It occurred to me that there wasn’t a single female on the bill at all at Clumber Park. If Harriet Harperson were Prime Minister ( or would that be Ministress?!), would she have vetoed such an event?  How an earth have The Temptations got away with all their replacements being male?  And, what’s more , black?!  Would they be able to advertise for a black male without being accused of racism or sexism? (Won’t even get into ageism!).  I remember our office manager being told he could not advertise for a female secretary!

I wonder how successful The Beatles would have been if they had been forced to exchange 2 of their members for 2 of Martha and the Vandellas?!    Silly season now suspended.


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