Beermageddon 2

There was a sign outside the venue, ‘No Campsite Alcohol Allowed Inside’.  To be fair,that is not unreasonable. However, when the price (not here, please note) is £4.50 a pint and the robbing gits charge £2.50 for a half it is disgraceful.   No food allowed in, at some fests. If you are veggie, diabetic, have allergies, or , God forbid, don’t like the (extortionate) stuff on offer, then what?   How about extending it to sunglasses?  ‘Sorry, you have to buy them in here’. Hats?  Same again.  When is it going to get to the state that you can only come in dressed in your underpants because the stallholders get charged a fortune for their pitches and you have to buy their jeans?!


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