Beermageddon P.S.

I don’t do the likes of Facebook or Twitter, but I was a bit surprised when someone on one of these sites reckoned I was a ‘troll’.  I hope that if the organisers and participants read the review, they will recognise that, yes, I was having a light-hearted dig at the genre but I was also taking the p*ss out of myself at being on a different planet to these people!  I said that the ‘metal’ audience was very polite, that the musicianship was decent, that the totally original material was to everyone’s credit and that credit was due to people highlighting the appalling circumstances behind the death of Sophie Lancaster.  Trolls are malicious , they wouldn’t have said these things. By all means call me a silly old bugger but I am not a troll. Look at the general tone of it all… and, if still in doubt, look at the bloody t-shirt!!


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