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Andy Powell v Martin Turner.

Ok Most Wishbone Ash fans will know that there has been a long-running battle between the above two regarding the use of the name ‘Wishbone Ash’. There are two websites ( and respectively), the headlines on which BOTH seem to indicate a victory?!   Upon closer inspection, it would appear that, basically, Andrew Powell seems to be claiming a win after 90 minutes but Martin Turner seems to be trying to force extra time.

It is interesting to read the full account of proceedings, especially with reference to ‘similar’ cases a la Saxon, Animals .   Please correct me if I am wrong , but Mr Powell seems to be insinuating that the presence of Mr Turner’s group at a similar place and time has ‘diluted’ HIS crowd.  One point that I feel is missing in this argument is that, for all of this century, Mr Powell’s new songs have been extremely ‘ordinary’ at best, and maybe the reason why his audience has tailed off is that people don’t want to hear his new material and would rather listen to ‘classic’ songs performed by Mr Turner’s outfit?  If I were MT, I would certainly be making that point!

OK, credit to Mr Powell for flying the WA flag and not just wallowing in nostalgia but look at the quality of the material since MT ‘left’ in 1980.  ‘Twin Barrels Burning’ somehow was a decent seller but it showed up a lack of songs and singing ,big style. ( Hey Mr Blobby sold lots too, quantity isn’t quality!)  I quite liked ‘Raw to the Bone’and ‘Illuminations’ was ok, I saw MT filling in on the relevant 1996 tour.

I have regularly bought Wishbone Ash studio stuff since 2000 but never play them.  Many people are in one camp or the other and get quite possessive…it’s all really a bit sad.

All this stuff about ‘confusion’ for punters is rubbish. I am not even going to dwell on the details but look at what happened with Asia.  I remember back in the 1990s going to see them in Leeds, expecting John Wetton, and got John Payne doing his awful quasi-operatic vocals. I bought their studio and live stuff, and just about tolerated the vocals in view of the music being decent.   The original line-up reformed post 2000 and Mr Payne, understandably miffed, carried on as ‘Asia featuring John Payne’.  The originals let him keep the name ‘Asia’ and was there any ensuing confusion among customers? Course, not.  From reading comments by the original reunited line-up, it seems they basically weren’t bothered with Mr Payne’s lot’s activities.   There was no evidence of Mr Payne trying to ‘mislead’ as indeed Mr Turner has always been forceful in pointing out his group’s name.

I haven’t seen Mr Powell’s lot for some time, the last couple of times were disappointing. Have seen Mr Turner’s lot much more of late and will continue to do so, regardless of their name.

Now The Drifters….!!!


Addendum, 8.3.2018. After more than 4 years, this is the most-visited and most-searched site via search engines. There has been a number of follow-up items on the subject, but for some reason searches in recent years have not come up. It seems that someone has complained about bunternet in general? I have never used a swear word, used porno photos or posted xenophobic/homophobic views. Not tried to encourage terrorist activity either.


Elephant Stone

Update. Anyone interested in listening to Elephant Stone, go to  A brilliant site, they have just added a FREE sampler download. Well worth the price of a blank cd. (And thanks to Elephant Stone, hope your star continues to ascend)