The Petty Heartbreakers. Duck and Drake. 28.11.2013

We saw them in July, reckoned they were pretty good, and made a note for next time…and this was it.  Importantly, they are not to be confused with a group with a similar name and website address who are/were (?) operating around the Cambridge area.

The pub was pretty full and they started out again with ‘King’s Highway’.  The first set was dominated by ‘Full Moon Fever’ and ‘Wildflowers’ (both, in fact, classed as Tom Petty solo records), and the set finished with ‘The Waiting’ and ‘Anything that’s rock n roll’ again.

A good first hour, a quick 20 minute break and back on.  ‘Tom’ doubled up on keyboards for ‘Breakdown’ and ‘I need to know’ and managed to  do a decent juggling act. ‘Handle with care’ featured again and the likes of ‘Refugee’ featured amongst slightly lesser known numbers.   The second hour was equally well received and, as I indicated in the July review, it is good that a tribute act not only are fans of the original but are knowledgeable too.  (They also played a few different tunes to last time, including a far-from-easy ‘Don’t come around here no more’.)              How many times do we see a poster in a club saying ‘For one night only, Ted Todger is Freddie Mercury’ and see next to it that Ted, tomorrow night, will be taking out his big teeth, removing his moustache, stuffing a pillow up his shirt, putting on a waistcoat and a long wig and…he is now (for one night only) Meatloaf!! Thankfully, these lads aren’t in that category.*

The group have some more dates soon in Yorkshire, check them out.**


*(But I think ‘Tom’s’ day job is a in Beatles tribute act?)

**  Went to see them again at the Boot and Shoe in Ackworth on Sunday 1st December.  Not much of a crowd but then again we were in the middle of AC/DC territory!


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