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10 cc

This is not a comment upon the ability of Graham Gouldman’s current 10 cc ‘touring band’. They are a very good blend of old hands and new faces and do a great job with a great back catalogue.

I heard one lardarse with a Status Quo T shirt saying how they should be called Two and a Half cc. (How amusing and new). The fact that Graham is only 1 of the original 4 obviously didn’t spark another fact that Rick and Francis are only 2 of the original 5. So would he be ok to watch a group called STAT?!  (And that is generous, being 4/9 of the original name)

Even better, is anyone going to an EAGLES concert?  There are only 2 of the 4 original EAGLES now. So would anyone pay £50 to see a group called ‘LES’ ?!


Status Quo, 10cc. Leeds First Direct Arena. 17.12.2013

Our first visit to the new Leeds venue.  I was disappointed by Quo’s show last December, but 10 cc as ‘special guests’ persuaded me to buy tickets for Her Ladyship’s birthday.

7.30 pm sharp and 10 cc start up with ‘Wall Street Shuffle’. No ‘Second Sitting for the Last Supper’, no doubt due to only getting about an hour and they follow up with ‘Things we do for Love’.  The setlist is pretty predictable nowadays, namely ‘Good Morning Judge’, ‘I’m Mandy, Fly Me’, ‘Life is a Minestrone’, ‘Art for Art’s Sake’, ‘Silly Love’, ‘I’m not in Love’, ‘Dreadlock Holiday’, ‘Donna’ and the extended ‘Rubber Bullets’ (again, point knocked off for sax solo).  Sadly, the wonderful ‘Feel the Benefit’ has to be omitted along with ‘Ocho Rios’ and possibly Graham Gouldman’s 60’s songs. But an hour packed with classy singles.  For anyone without a 10 cc record, go onto ebay and pick up their newspaper’live’ freebie for a few pence. Not this line-up but it reminds you how bloody good these songs are.

So, 9.15 pm and Quo come on again to ‘Pictures of Matchstick Men’ and into ‘Caroline’. ‘Paper Plane’ and ‘Rain’ again are early numbers and the new numbers sound pretty good too. People like Keef and Wilko get regular checks as great rhythm guitarists, but Rick Parfitt is a master. None of these ‘tribute’ acts have his technique. I was thinking how much better they are than last time when we get the ‘medley’.  I said last time it seems to be a necessary evil for people with so many hits, but rather than play eg 9 bits of songs in 9 minutes, why not play 3 complete ones in a ‘rotation’ plan with the rest?

Sadly, I switched off, and it wasn’t just me. The crowd at the front seemed to ‘cool’ and definitely did when we got the drum solo!   Ok, new (young) drummer, but Ginger Baker and Corky Laing won’t be losing any sleep.  The ‘biggies’ got an airing of course (‘Down, down’, ‘Rocking all over the World’), but I’d lost interest and once again a promising start was lost due to crap ‘pacing’ of the set.  Sadly, that’s my opinion and others will disagree, but I won’t be wasting any more of my pitiful pension on them.