10 cc

This is not a comment upon the ability of Graham Gouldman’s current 10 cc ‘touring band’. They are a very good blend of old hands and new faces and do a great job with a great back catalogue.

I heard one lardarse with a Status Quo T shirt saying how they should be called Two and a Half cc. (How amusing and new). The fact that Graham is only 1 of the original 4 obviously didn’t spark another fact that Rick and Francis are only 2 of the original 5. So would he be ok to watch a group called STAT?!  (And that is generous, being 4/9 of the original name)

Even better, is anyone going to an EAGLES concert?  There are only 2 of the 4 original EAGLES now. So would anyone pay £50 to see a group called ‘LES’ ?!


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