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Great British Rock & Blues Festival. Skegness.24-26.1 2014

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First festival of the year, decent weather thankfully for the journey. Booked in, got the brochure and looked for the usual deletions/additions.  The main item being the absence of ex- Uriah Heep man Ken Hensley. So, Friday night. A mention … Continue reading

Cambridge Rock Festival 2014

Anyone planning to go?  You will note that ‘Cloud Atlas’ are thrilled to be appearing. Does their photo look a little familiar perchance? 5-piece featuring a female vocalist.  Seemingly the singer came from ‘Stolen Earth’, who themselves were set up by former members of ‘Breathing Space’, who were formed by the keyboard player from…yes , you have guessed…Mostly Autumn!!  (See past CRF reviews).

What is the absolute obsession that CRF with MA  and its extended family? Did they once spot the CRF committee in a pub drinking… lager!… and are threatening to expose them unless they and their ‘relatives’ are booked every single year?

‘Nick Lowe’

As a further comment on the ‘alleged’ confusion which Andy Powell reckons the sometimes erroneous billing and even the very existence of ‘Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash’ has caused, we bought tickets to go to see Jack Bruce and his Big Blues Band at Leeds Grand Theatre in March.

We yesterday received their brochure, stating the support to be ‘Nick Lowe’.  On the face of it, an excellent choice but (on investigation) it isn’t ‘Nick’, it is actually ‘Nik’ Lowe. A totally different person.

So would I be entitled to a refund if I bought tickets in good faith as a Nick Lowe fan and found a different musician?  Interesting.