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UB40 V UB40

No it isn’t a very long personalised number plate, apparently Ali Campbell (who ‘left’ UB40 in 2008) has commandeered two UB40ers and was claiming the name. Seemingly he has been spurred on by what has evolved into the current UB40 having besmirched the legacy.

The situation is probably about the closest to the Turner v Powell case that there is.  Every case is slightly different though. There have been fights over the names Barclay James Harvest, Saxon, Hollies, Searchers, Buck’s Fizz, Animals, Foghat…ad infinitum.

One small thought from yours truly. When  Waters ‘took on’ Gilmour and Mason re the ‘Pink Floyd’ name, I didn’t see anyone mention that the defining aspect of the original Pink Floyd sound was really Richard Wright’s keyboard. (Nothing to do with whichever writer or vocalist). And in a similar way, the sound that made Ub40 unmistakeable was, for me, Brian Travers’ sax. (Nothing to do with either Campbell). ‘Food for Thought’ was never matched.

Just a thought.

Again, only one winner, namely the legal profession.


Ma Polaine’s Great Decline. Duck and Drake. 13.3.2014

Tonight’s gig was recommended by the landlord Andy, so we thought it was worth making an effort … and we were glad we did. Unfortunately, when times are hard it is difficult to get people out to spend money on a Thursday night in Leeds, but we got there early as they were soundchecking.  They started up around 9.15 or so, but I reckon there had been more people at Fred West’s funeral than were in the D&D for kick-off. No matter, like good pros they swung into their groove.

We had checked them out via some early YouTube clips, but weren’t really familiar with their (mostly original) songs. Straight away, we knew we were in for something a bit special.  This was definitely not going to be for the ‘All Right Now’/ Thin Lizzy/Oasis setlist fans!    Starting out with ‘Pigfoot Blues’ ( a rare item not in a minor key!), the early numbers featured some scorching gob-iron, very unusual for a female vocalist.  The 5-piece line-up consisted of afore-mentioned young lady on vocals/accordion/harp, bass, guitar, drums and sax/keyboards. A mixture of sleazy old blues and pre- WW2 jazz that had me expecting to turn round to look at the bar and seeing Al Pacino and Robert de Niro in double-breasted suits and slicked-back hair leaning there. Only the clouds of smoke were missing.  I was thinking of putting ‘Music by people who are young enough to know better!’ in the review but that would give the wrong impression. But it was strange to see relatively old stuff played by relatively young musicians.

A few punters came and went, and sadly we had to leave at half-time. And it was indeed ‘sadly’.  Her Ladyship was so moved by the music (and the beer) that she sent off an e-mail to the organiser of the Acoustic Festival , strongly suggesting he book them. I totally agree, they are tailor-made for the event. Do it, Mike!

I don’t watch these reality/talent shows, but if there is one called ‘Britain’s Got Style’, they would be a good bet. And if there is one called ‘Britain’s Got Posters’, they would be in the final shake-up!  Classy stuff played with class, say no more.

Setlist (courtesy Mr Percussion).

Pigfoot Blues/ Devil’s Touch/ Love me or Leave me / The Poison Sits/ Kissin’ in the Dark/ Blame it on Me/ My only friend/ Gasoline Can/ Fussin and Fightin/ Blow your horn/ Sun Goes Down.P3132417P3132418P3132419P3132420