UB40 V UB40

No it isn’t a very long personalised number plate, apparently Ali Campbell (who ‘left’ UB40 in 2008) has commandeered two UB40ers and was claiming the name. Seemingly he has been spurred on by what has evolved into the current UB40 having besmirched the legacy.

The situation is probably about the closest to the Turner v Powell case that there is.  Every case is slightly different though. There have been fights over the names Barclay James Harvest, Saxon, Hollies, Searchers, Buck’s Fizz, Animals, Foghat…ad infinitum.

One small thought from yours truly. When  Waters ‘took on’ Gilmour and Mason re the ‘Pink Floyd’ name, I didn’t see anyone mention that the defining aspect of the original Pink Floyd sound was really Richard Wright’s keyboard. (Nothing to do with whichever writer or vocalist). And in a similar way, the sound that made Ub40 unmistakeable was, for me, Brian Travers’ sax. (Nothing to do with either Campbell). ‘Food for Thought’ was never matched.

Just a thought.

Again, only one winner, namely the legal profession.


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