Elephant Stone. Wharf Chambers, Leeds. 10.6.2014

Back in September last year, we went to see the Black Angels and these did a great 30 minute support slot. (See review). So we were on the lookout for their coming to Leeds in their own right.   Almost by accident, discovered this gig.

Got there early, and spoke to James the promoter about how awkward it had been to get advanced tickets. He was genuinely concerned and seemed a nice young man (a rarity amongst gig promoters!).

Things were already running late, with another act booked an addition to the advertised support.  Eventually, Teesside’s Glass Moths came on stage at 9.00pm.    Very effects-laden guitar, with maybe just a bit too much echo on the vocals. Keyboards had a very Iron Butterfly sound, and Her Majesty thought there was a Doors influence too. Much use of whammy bar on guitar too, it all made for a definite sense of UFO club, late 60s.   But they were pretty good. Unusual for people their age.

So, after 10.00pm before Elephant Stone came on. Pretty small crowd, maybe only a couple of dozen paying customers?  Wasn’t long before   ‘Setting Sun’ and a new song ‘All is Burning’ (?).  ‘Live visuals and oil projections from Melt Trip’ made me smile. (An old overhead projector , with a young man swishing some oil and ink about in a dish. Great stuff!).  ‘A Silent Moment’ was packed with effects, and I reckon the guitarist may have OPD (Obsessive Pedal Disorder) ! But it works! Brilliant exit, leaving the stage with stuff still humming. Sounded like they played some newer stuff too, but like I said last year, go to http://www.noisetrade.com on this new-fangled internet thingy. These generous young chappies have put a 12 track mp3 sampler on the site, where you will find songs from tonight and a Tom Petty cover thrown in. FREE download, you can even transfer to something called a compact disc, which seems to be all the rage (well they are if you are a pensioner!).  So you can listen to them , and come and see them next time, especially if you are a fan of 60s psychedelia.

They are very, very good.


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