Do$ch. Duck and Drake, Leeds. 13.07.2104

Sunday gig, which is great for us as we don’t have to bale out at half-time for the last bus home.

So, no messing, Mr Bartram starts up with his great, off-the-wall guitar intro, which made me think of their fellow Sheffield person, Monty Python’s Michael Palin being here and saying ‘NO ONE expects…Route 66’. A cracking start, and if anyone there had a 40 year-old Dr Feelgood set-list, much of what followed would be more than familiar. ‘Hog for you baby’, ‘All through the city’, ‘Roxette’, ‘I can tell’, ‘Going back home’, ‘Back in the night’ and ‘She does it right’  were all blasted out, with Mr Bartram dashing around the room wielding his Telecaster.  Fans of the MK 2 Feelgood line-up weren’t left out either, via ‘Down at the Doctors’ and ‘Milk and Alcohol’, and we also get Wilko’s ‘Dr Dupree’.

They are far from just a Feelgood tribute act though, and they throw in some of their own distinctive songs about… a Jaguar, rebuilding motorcycles, working down the pit (complete with audience headlamps), the loss of smoking rights, the women in their lives and being seventeen.

Classics such as ‘Slow Down’, ‘Werewolves of London’, ‘Please don’t touch’ , ‘Jack the Ripper’, ‘I can tell’ and ‘Walking the dog’ are all do$ched up for us too and although there was a football match on in South America, the artistry here on view made it a minor intrusion.

We’ve seen Do$ch many times in the past decade, with differing rhythm sections, and they have never failed to deliver the goods. We both reckoned that this time they even surpassed their usual peerless performance.  Her Ladyship managed to remain seated for most of the night, but ‘Back in the night’ proved too much for her ambience!

Come back again soon Andrew, please.


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