CRF 2014, part 2. FM v Wishbone Ash

In view of my finding FM better than Wishbone Ash at the Cambridge Rock Festival, I thought I would do a small experiment when I got home. Being theoretically qualified as a scientist (via possibly the worst ever B.Sc. Chemistry mark achieved at Leeds University), I dug out some old recordings and tried to conduct an experiment using stuff from both which was as close as I could get to ‘equal’

An LP from each which made the top 40 (‘Tough it out’ and ‘Front page news’ respectively).  An LP from each which didn’t ( ‘Indiscreet’ and ‘No smoke without fire’). Two singles from each which didn’t make the charts (‘Tattoo needle’, ‘Blood and gasoline’, ‘Come on’ and ‘Cosmic Jazz’

I gave them all a spin. Would I listen to the Wishbone Ash records again?  Most definitely ‘Yes’.    Would I listen to the FM records again?  Probably not.

So, my conclusion is that, based on the CRF performances, FM are better now than they were then, Wishbone Ash are not better now than they were then.   Interesting.


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