Martin Turner v Andy Powell Part 3 (continued, still)

Oh dear, it is still going on!  It appeared that when a judge seemed to rule mainly in favour of Mr Powell , that Mr Turner took it on the chin and requested in his website that if HE could call it a day, then others should too.

But not to be.  It appears that, and apologies if I am mistaken, that Mr P has recently said that the case has been judged ‘completely’ in his favour?  He seems to have commented on Mr T’s financial situation? And various people (including Mr P’s wife ) seem to be still voicing loudly on Mr T’s Rumourbook page. (I don’t ‘do’ Rumourbook).

In my opinion, Mr P is not gaining any new friends by continuing to comment . Mr T’s fans reckon it is ‘snide’ to say the least. So why not just deflect the issue if it is brought up? (As Mr T is doing).

We are both desperately trying to like both people’s current shows, but I have to say I was ‘disappointed’ by the recent Wishbone Ash CRF show. There have also been times when I wasn’t 100% sure of MTWA (as it was called then).  It seemed to reinforce my opinion that a) the current WA line-up desperately needs a genuine vocalist.   b) they haven’t made a decent new studio record since ‘Illuminations’.  The last T-shirt I bought was in 2001, from the Leeds Irish Centre.  (A collector’s item, as the date had Balne Lane  Wakefield on the back?)  Mark Birch was on vocals and was decent.   Look how good the ‘American’ line-up was ,with Tony singing.

Since Mr P has become ‘all things WA’, it seems nobody (come on, Mrs P, do it) has got the bottle to suggest to Mr  P that he has tried but come up short in terms of vocals and new songs.

Could Mr P’s supporters please note that I have not been rude. This is my opinion, you have yours.


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