The Revelator Band. Duck and Drake. 22.8.2014

Not too long ago, we came here to see what we thought was this lot. However, we were confronted from a similarly-named outfit from Manchester. We didn’t stop long.   Many years ago, we went to the launch of The Blues Revelator Band (as they were then known as) CD, when they were dogged by a lousy sound. Tonight they didn’t have the best of luck with microphones as well.

So, who are they?  Imagine some decades ago, when by some bizarre scientific aberration, Captain Beefheart and Ron Moody produced a male love-child. The christening featured Tom Waits as godfather, the vicar had put Domestos in the font and the baby was given a glass of whisky, flavoured with essence of Saint Vitus Dance. And that is just the lead vocalist!  With him on keyboards is someone who looked like he had set up a rival undertaker’s business on ‘Heartbeat’, a guitarist who looks like a gangster from ‘Auf Weidersehn Pet’ and a drummer who looks like an extra from the betting shop scene on ‘The Sting’. Still with me?

The ‘blues ‘ may have been dropped from the name, but the concept is still firmly entrenched in their music. And those of you who think that the format was invented by Larry Miller and Danny Bryant may be more than a little surprised when you witness the Revelator experience. Dark, dense blues, mainly originals. A nod to the afore-mentioned Mr Waits (and all the other people who have a ‘train song’), with a long ‘Death’s Black Train’ featuring at the end.

Been along time since we’ve seen them, hopefully they’ll be back soon.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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