Groups without original lead singers, following on…

The original post was to highlight groups that had gone on to equal or better things without the original lead singer. There are many that have carried on without the same success, of course.

In addition to those mentioned previously…Dr Feelgood, Lynyrd Skynyrd, UB40, Stranglers (?) , Yes* (cheers MacTaff ), The Bonzos.  The snowball keeps on rolling.


* So how do Anderson, Bruford , Wakeman and Howe fit in!? And Dan Baird’s Original Sin?!  A definite contradiction to the original premise.

And how many people have come away from a Bob Dylan gig in recent years thinking they had seen a Bob Dylan tribute !? And a bloody awful one at that!

Did I once read that Dave, not Ray, was the original lead vocalist in the Kinks?!  I need a lie down now.


Just remembered the Doobie Brothers


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