The Petty Heartbreakers. Boot and Shoe, Ackworth.30.11.2014

The end of a very long weekend for us, which started out Thursday tea-time and includes a severe attack on our collective livers. So we opted to sit down and take in the group rather than take notes and photos.

Starting with their usual ‘King’s Highway’ and finishing with ‘American Girl’, we were treated to another excellent rendition of not only TP’s ‘hits’ but plenty of LP tracks and some hot off the press newer tracks.

We have gone on record many times regarding our not being fans of the whole ‘copy act’ business, but these lads are a bit different. It is obvious they are TP fans and they seem to enjoy playing the songs. They are constantly bringing in different songs, so they are not just going through the motions.  It says much about them when I can confirm that they are the only ‘tribute’ act that we go and see.

So, if the Cambridge Rock Festival people are (hopefully) about to confirm next year’s fest, pencil this lot in for the Thursday ‘tribute’ night.  And they are NOT the outfit that used to operate around Cambridge, they are from West Yorkshire.

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