2014 The Bunters Awards

Catagories and nominees. (Winners at the end)

1) Stellar moment.

a) ‘White rabbit’ (Jefferson Starship). b) ‘Wouldn’t it be nice’ (Beach Boys). c) ‘Feel the benefit’ (10 cc). d) ‘Smile has left your eyes’ (Asia)

2) Black hole moment.

a) Acoustic Festival sound. b) The Sage sound for Asia c). Rip-off bottled cider price in Newcastle after Summertyne.  d) Mr A. Powell’s crowing after his court case.  e) Apparent arrogance by Wishbone Ash at CRF (as told to us by back-stage volunteers, so unconfirmed). f) Removal of benches in main stage area at Weyfest . g) Ban on chairs in marquees at CRF

3) Best performance

a) Beach Boys.  b) Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band. c) Bill Posters will be Banned. d) Biggles Wartime Band .e) Oysterband

4) Definitely not best performance

a) Groundhogs. b) Wishbone Ash.c) Leon Hendrix. d) The Move. e) Tanante

5) Best staff.

a) CRF

6. Worst staff

No nominations

7. Worst beer


a) Bakewell . b) Weyfest

8) Best beer

No nominations

9. Unexpected ‘What a smashing blouse’ bonus .

a) Carl Palmer’s ELP legacy . b). FM. c) £5.00 T-shirts at AFOB . d) Do$ch agreeing to do Her Ladyship’s birthday bash. e) Do$ch going down so well there . f) ‘thank you’ email and download from Baz (Magic Eight Ball). g) Saving a fiver each at the Beach Boys by saying we were pensioners

10) Best venue

a) Weyfest . b) Irish Centre.  c) Acoustic Fest


And the winners are…

1. Wouldn’t it be nice (close contest)

2. Ban on chairs in marquees at CRF ( annual winners)

3. Beach Boys (some stiff competition)

4.Leon Hendrix (landslide victory)

5. CRF (one horse race)

6. No nominees

7. Bakewell

8. I drink lager!

9. Tie between Do$ch in d) and e)

10. Weyfest

Awards ceremony was held in Castleford. No nominees turned up, not even John Jones whose mother’s family are from Cas.   Prize in each category was a pint of lager, which I humbly accepted on behalf of each winner. Jeremy Paxman was there at the beginning, to say (before the first award) ‘Here’s your starter for 10’).


Merry Christmas



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