2015 Outdoor Festivals.

The cupboard is looking very, very empty.

Weyfest appears to have been taken over by people who have ignored the early years and original ethos to fill the bill with journeyman festival perennials, acts who couldn’t sell out a scout hut and those who didn’t have a ‘best before ‘ date in the first place.  They seem to be more interested in pop  80s/90s acts , to entertain drunken 40 year-olds who then go on to create problems on the campsite. They have subcontracted out the ticketing to a third party, because they can’t be bothered to lick a few envelopes, and pass the cost onto the punters.   They should rename it WHYFEST or WASFEST.

Cropredy have booked a similar ‘headliner’ to Weyfest. I have never seen so many comments on their site that are saying how ‘disappointing’  the line-up is.

Cambridge Rock Festival. Still hit or miss as to whether it is going to be on.

Acoustic Festival of Britain. Well done. Dates sorted long ago, acts regularly updated. Paul Carrack, good stuff.

Upton Music Festival.  No chance of Martin Turner nowadays. Family festival, Showaddywaddy-style. Not for us now.

Bakewell Music Festival. Sadly seems to have fallen victim to council NIMBYS.


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