Butlins Rock and Blues. Addendum re ‘Jazz’

I sent an email to a lady at Butlins ,whom I was told was involved in the festival, expressing my (and others) concern about the introduction of ‘jazz’.

She sent me a very polite, and very quick, response. I am assured that the weekend will NOT become a jazz affair too. She says the jazz music will be on one of the ‘smaller venues’, and is for people who would like to see some jazz.

It still puzzles me somewhat. Don’t those who have bought tickets for Rock and Blues expect to see what is ‘on the tin’?   Are they going to book Limahl and Heaven 17 for the 60s weekend , for those people who want to see some 80s stuff?

But, I am pleased that I got a quick answer of some sort. I can’t see Courtney Pine playing in a ‘smaller venue’ somehow, it will be interesting to see what happens.

So, if you haven’t waded though your customer survey email, please express your opinions re Jazz . If you are happy, fine.


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