Rhinos, Winos & Lunatics. Deke Leonard

First ever book review to appear on the site (another two to follow). As all are not recent, just a few words on each. The first two were recommended by David Clayton from the Free Appreciation Society. I put them on my letter to Santa…and he obliged. He even got Deke’s signed. I’ll class them as ‘History Class’.

So, Deke Leonard’s description of life with Man. First published in 1996, mine is the 2001 version.

First good point is that it starts with a young Mr Leonard tentative steps into the world of pop music. No pages and pages of where he was born, where his parents were born, what his pet hamster was called etc.  And that pretty much sets the tone of the book.

Plenty of info about the ever-changing personnel of the group Man, who are the musical equivalent of a revolving door.  I would have maybe preferred a few more gig and recording details, but the pages passed by easily. OK, the latter pages got a bit overdone on the sex and drugs aspects, mainly in their (almost!) brush with fame in the Cipollina years. But for the main part it is a good read for music fans. He has a good turn of phrase and finished with the reformation in 1983, which was when I started listening to them.


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