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Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band. Selby Town Hall. 27.05 2015

The venue is tiny. Capacity about 100, our previous visits have been to see Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash (which was their name at the time, so I am perfectly entitled to dub them such) and the Coal Porters.   Having played at Glasto last year, I wonder what the good Reverend thought of the numbers!

Anyway, there was a support act (which seemed to be hastily-arranged). The young organiser gets giddy when he is talking in front of the stage, with no mic, so I didn’t catch the person’s name. Nor did I catch much of the musician’s  banter, unfortunately. He, like me, is from York so I should have been able to recognise some words…apart from ‘York’.  But he played a song about Gram Parsons, which is fine by me.

The couple next to us had not seen the Rev P before, so maybe they were expecting someone from the spooky TBN tv channel on Freeview. Those God-squadders on TBN are REALLY sinister! Another new Freeview channel, Horror, had the zombiefest ‘Day of the Dead’ on last night, it was like Jackanory compared with TBN!!  Check them out.

Quite appropriate that the Rev and Co started out with ‘I shall not be moved’ from their ‘Gospel’ record.  Quickly followed by their cell phone song ‘Hell Naw’ and he picked up his trusty 3-string DIY model for ‘Easy come , easy go’.  By now , quite a few of the admittedly ‘senior’ audience had fingers in ears, and Her Ladyship advised the woman next to her to bung some tissue in her ears.  A healthy dose of cow-bell a la Corky Laing heralded ‘Let’s jump a train’ and ‘We live dangerous’ and ‘Pickin Pawpaws’ were further selections from the latest record ‘So Delicious’.

The Rev went back to his Charley Patton disc for ‘Some of these days I’ll be gone’, followed by ‘Front porch trained’ and ‘Pot roast and kisses’, again from the latest record. He seemed a bit reluctant to try the audience participation of ‘Clap your hands’, but his washboard-laden lady wife told him to go for it, and it worked well. ‘Scream at the Night’ featured that well-worn Brill Building-type C Am F G chord sequence ( shuffled around a bit), and he did a swift ‘drop D’ retune for ‘Devils look like angels’.  The main set finished with Bo Diddley’s ‘You can’t judge a book’ (penned by Willie Dixon), and even though a few of the audience had left to replace exploding hearing-aids, there was a good enough reception to bring them back on for ‘Music and friends’, complete with Hendrix-like guitar-behind-head playing. Ms Breezy took the hint and set fire to her washboard too!

The Reverend’s guitar playing is phenomenal and I reckon all these people who are fans of the current plethora of young bluesers don’t really appreciate how hard it is to play slide like this. He has a really good voice, which at times was drowned out by one or two of his guitars maybe, but it didn’t spoil a great show. There were 9 songs from the last record, so if you like that, you are in for a treat.  Try to catch them before they head back Stateside.


Amelia Carter Band. The Lion, Castleford. 22.05.2015

An unusual weekend of music this weekend in The Lion, with each day featuring female-fronted groups.  I had a brief look at Youtube re tonight’s entertainment and Ms Carter looked to be a promising bluesy night. Her Majesty duly bought her £4.70 bus ticket and off we went.

Gigs in the Lion usually start at 9.30, sometimes earlier, so we were in there for 8.50 pm.  They were setting up, and it was an hour later when they eventually took to the stage. Nowadays, we can only catch the opening 30 minutes before we have to go for the 10.00 pm bus, so we were disappointed that we would only catch the opening number.

And the opening number?  ‘Can’t get enough of your bleedin’  love’  !!  Exit stage left after about 10 seconds.  No doubt we would miss ‘Wishing Well’, Thin Lizzy and the rest of the Castleford standard set-list.? Waste of a bus ticket. So not much of a review, sadly.

OK, I feel a bit guilty about being so terse, but I remember buying ‘Can’t get enough’ and ‘Wishing Well’ back in the early 70s and I can’t listen to them now without cringing.  If your opening number was not reflective of the rest of the set, apologies to you, Ms Carter.


The Petty Heartbreakers. Duck and Drake, Leeds. 14. 05. 2015

I have reviewed this lot on more than one occasion, and have thoroughly recommended them, especially given Mr Petty and Co’s pitifully thin gig schedule over here. (Even more pitiful, given that it was the UK which were the first to take Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers to their collective bosom)

So I emailed Rich (‘Tom’) to apologise in advance for the forthcoming non- review, as we would be ‘marginally overserved’. We had some chums down from the North East, whom we had recommended the show to.

So, halfway through the first set I had a Tom and Jerry moment. You know, where Tom is in a dilemma and a little angelic’Tom’, complete with halo, pops up on his right shoulder. A little devil ‘Tom’, complete with 2 red horns on his head, is on his left shoulder (naturally).

The former is saying ‘Tell everyone that this group are wonderful, and any Tom Petty fan would not be disappointed’. The latter is saying’ Say they are crap (so that there will be loads of room for you, Her Ladyship and the new fans from the North East next time)’.

So, totally selflessly, I have to say they were excellent. Some newer songs from ‘Hypnotic Eye’  were featured as well as plenty of more familiar songs. They are going to try and adopt a semi-informal set list and invite requests. Her Ladyship duly obliged with a 96 dB one word suggestion, ‘Refugee’.

Had to go for the last bus home, sadly, but if the 2nd set was as good as the first, a good time would have been had by all.  One more pint of Bad Kitty by Her Ladyship would have certainly have given a new meaning to ‘Free Falling’.

Cheers to Rich and co.