The Petty Heartbreakers. Duck and Drake, Leeds. 14. 05. 2015

I have reviewed this lot on more than one occasion, and have thoroughly recommended them, especially given Mr Petty and Co’s pitifully thin gig schedule over here. (Even more pitiful, given that it was the UK which were the first to take Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers to their collective bosom)

So I emailed Rich (‘Tom’) to apologise in advance for the forthcoming non- review, as we would be ‘marginally overserved’. We had some chums down from the North East, whom we had recommended the show to.

So, halfway through the first set I had a Tom and Jerry moment. You know, where Tom is in a dilemma and a little angelic’Tom’, complete with halo, pops up on his right shoulder. A little devil ‘Tom’, complete with 2 red horns on his head, is on his left shoulder (naturally).

The former is saying ‘Tell everyone that this group are wonderful, and any Tom Petty fan would not be disappointed’. The latter is saying’ Say they are crap (so that there will be loads of room for you, Her Ladyship and the new fans from the North East next time)’.

So, totally selflessly, I have to say they were excellent. Some newer songs from ‘Hypnotic Eye’  were featured as well as plenty of more familiar songs. They are going to try and adopt a semi-informal set list and invite requests. Her Ladyship duly obliged with a 96 dB one word suggestion, ‘Refugee’.

Had to go for the last bus home, sadly, but if the 2nd set was as good as the first, a good time would have been had by all.  One more pint of Bad Kitty by Her Ladyship would have certainly have given a new meaning to ‘Free Falling’.

Cheers to Rich and co.


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