Amelia Carter Band. The Lion, Castleford. 22.05.2015

An unusual weekend of music this weekend in The Lion, with each day featuring female-fronted groups.  I had a brief look at Youtube re tonight’s entertainment and Ms Carter looked to be a promising bluesy night. Her Majesty duly bought her £4.70 bus ticket and off we went.

Gigs in the Lion usually start at 9.30, sometimes earlier, so we were in there for 8.50 pm.  They were setting up, and it was an hour later when they eventually took to the stage. Nowadays, we can only catch the opening 30 minutes before we have to go for the 10.00 pm bus, so we were disappointed that we would only catch the opening number.

And the opening number?  ‘Can’t get enough of your bleedin’  love’  !!  Exit stage left after about 10 seconds.  No doubt we would miss ‘Wishing Well’, Thin Lizzy and the rest of the Castleford standard set-list.? Waste of a bus ticket. So not much of a review, sadly.

OK, I feel a bit guilty about being so terse, but I remember buying ‘Can’t get enough’ and ‘Wishing Well’ back in the early 70s and I can’t listen to them now without cringing.  If your opening number was not reflective of the rest of the set, apologies to you, Ms Carter.



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