‘The Bountiful Game’

No not a mis-spelling , but football has changed from  ‘The Beautiful Game’ to exactly as above. ‘Bountiful’ for the players, their agents, the sponsors, the various football associations who earn huge amounts from broadcasters and sponsors, the broadcasters such as Sky, the ‘alleged’ corrupt officials throughout the world, in fact just about every part of the sport except Joe Punter, on whose head (and wallet) it all hits.

Up until this weekend, I had seen every Cup Final since 1960, when Wolves beat Blackburn 3-0.  Nothing has got between me and a tv on that day.  I got halfway down the hill at Hope Festival on our recce, and basically thought ‘Bollox, it’s the end of an era’ and I turned back.

So, congratulations to the Raheems of the game and all the other avarice-fuelled pieces of sh*te , you have finally drawn a line under the whole sport. And Mr Blatter, yours was the full stop.


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