Crosscut Saw. Duck and Drake. 6.6.2015


Andy the landlord recommended we come down to see them, so here we are. A basic three piece, now that occasional harmonica player TJ has departed for the USA, they start out with ‘I can tell’. Next up is ‘All your love’, with the red ‘BB King type’ guitar getting a real seeing to!   A sort of ‘Crossroads-ish ‘ follows , with a switch from 6-string to harmonica without missing a beat. There was to be a later switch from ‘Lucille’ to a Telecaster which was equally as smooth.  ‘Swamp thing’ and ‘Little by little’ were instantly recognised by the enthusiastic crowd.

We weren’t familiar with many of the songs, but Her Ladyship planned to ask them for a setlist when we had to go for the bus at half time. She did, but they didn’t have one!  So apologies for lack of detail, but not important . What mattered was that this was great blues music, well played and well sung. Good solid rhythm section with a good front man too.

They play the first Saturday in the month, so if you want tribute acts, ‘All right now’ , Thin Lizzy or AC/DC, there is the New Roscoe about half a mile away. If you want to see and hear decent (at times quite funky) blues music, we will see you here on the first Saturday in July.

Sorry no decent photos, Her Ladyship forgot her camera.

I took some on  my phone.


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