Do Not Panic! Lion, Castleford. 29.06.2015

Apologies for repeating that we do not ‘do’ tribute acts, but had a glimpse of this Hawkwind act not so long ago here.

We saw the real thing at a recent Rock n Blues at Skegness, but up until then I only have a blur of a Hawkwind gig at Leeds University in (I think ) 1972.   My recollection from then is of their playing something called  ‘Cosmic Space Interplanetary Voyage 7b’ , or something like that , as the opening number.  I thought they were doing a soundcheck!  And of course the memory of Stacia dancing.

So, Do Not Panic!   I think the first number was ‘Masters of the Universe’ , but not sure about the next two.  We had to go for the bus unfortunately, so only caught 3 numbers.  To us, they seemed decent enough, with maybe not that constant throb that Hawkwind have.   But, it was the second Friday of music without all the usual pub-rock covers, so a definite plus.

Worth a punt, mp3s available on their website.

Picture 006 Picture 007 Picture 005

Addendum. Rich kindly sent me the set list, in case anyone is thinking about seeing them.  I think we will try to stop the full length next time.    Have downloaded the  free mp3s on their website , decent stuff.

Masters of the universe/ Angels of death/Moonglum and Elric/Lord of light/Hurry on sundown/Orgone accumulator/Robot/Space is deep.

5th second of forever/Psychosis/Space chase/Motorway city/You’d better believe it/Psy power/Right to decide/Fahrenheit/25 years (with Silver machine)/Urban guerilla/….Spirit of the age


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