The Revelator Band. Duck and Drake. 2.10.2015

To get some idea of how this motley crew look, I would suggest going to YouTube (and don’t confuse them with a similarly-named outfit from the Red Rose environment)  , then have a look at the review on here from August 2014.     Slight difference tonight is that they have a bass player, I am sure there wasn’t one last time we saw them.  Fortunately, he fits in well visually, looking like he had just arrived from failing an audition for the ‘Pinkertons’ TV series (because he was too old).  If the Revelators’ audition involved putting up their banner straight he failed that too!  But he had a 5-string fretless bass,  so he got the gig.!

Musically,  they were still pretty much ‘business as usual’, and it is a fascinating ‘business’.  Sorry, I have no set list…neither did they!   But they finished the first set with ‘That ain’t Right’, and sadly we had to leave just as vocalist Barnaby was strapping on a Dobro-esque weapon.

Her Ladyship had a chat with him during the interval, we couldn’t believe it was 2003 when we went to the launch of their (excellent) CD.  Have they been Yorkshire’s best-kept secret for so long?   We chatted to some newer converts from Brighouse (hardly on the doorstep), who had made the journey especially to see them.

They still only play a couple of gigs per month, usually restricted to God’s own county,  and I would advise any blues fan who is sick of ‘Pride and Joy’ and ‘Crossroads’ being churned out by journeyman pub bluesers to check out for details.  If you live in Burnley (!) they are there on the 17th.


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