Jared James Nichols. Duck and Drake. 31.10.2015

Andy in the D&D recommended that we do not miss this 5pm show from the power trio that is Jared, Erik and Dennis. We don’t always share the same opinions re music, eg he thinks Thin Lizzy were  great and Free were crap!  (Totally opposite to my and Her Ladyship’s views). But we both like JJ Cale, and we duly arrived very early to get a seat.

5.00 pm and on they come.  They start with a couple of ‘standards’ (‘Jesus Left Chicago’ and the instrumental ‘Steppin’ Out’) and then we get ‘Get Down’ from his last record ‘Old Glory and the Wild Revival’. Rick Derringer’s  ‘Rock and roll Hoochie Koo’ was an early song, but our hearts dropped when he asked if we had heard of ‘Free’  !!  But thankfully, we weren’t going to be subjected to the usual ‘All Right Now’ and ‘Wishing Well’.  No, we got cracking versions of ‘Ride on Pony’, ‘Stealer’ and ‘Fire and Water’.  Local blueser Dave Hanson had been on for a few numbers, including a couple of JJ Cale classics and a dodgy ‘Honky Tonk Woman’.  It was all very off-the-cuff, and not a total plug for Jared’s  own songs. In fact he never mentioned the title of his last CD (see above).    Further songs from there were’ Can’t you feel it’, ‘Haywire’ and ‘Come into my Kitchen’, and for those who aren’t familiar with it, it is pretty good (still on our car cd player).

He did the occasional Stan Webb walk into the appreciative crowd with his guitar, and wasn’t afraid to resurrect other classics such as ‘Standin’ on Shaky Ground’ and ‘Rock me Baby’ with a passion.  Young Mr N spotted my Mountain ‘Climbing’ T-shirt and duly obliged with ‘Never in my Life’ and ‘Mississippi Queen’.  And, yes, we did actually see Mountain in the last place on earth you would expect…Nashville!  Honest Jared!

So were they what we expected ? Absolutely and more.  Jared is a great guitarist and the rhythm section is spot on. ( I detected a definite Simon Kirke influence?). And not a pedal in sight!  I have seen pub covers outfits who have more pedals than Bradley Wiggins’ bloody shed!

One very slight ‘observation’ was that maybe Mr Hanson stayed a bit too long?  He is a decent guitarist, as was another ‘chum’ who joined in the Allmans-ish encore, but I think the stage should have been left to the trio at the end to soak in the huge applause.    OK, nitpicking maybe, but a tremendous performance from the trio. Highly recommended ,  it would be great to see them return. Just finishing their tour supporting  Glenn ‘The Ego’ Hughes, there was more than one person in the pub who reckoned Jared and Co had blown him away.


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