Corky Laing Plays Mountain. Fibbers. 9.11 2015. Part 2.

This is Part 2, as Part 1 features a slightly confusing history class.  But down to the gig.

Not been to the ‘new’ Fibbers in York before, but we got there early and ended up chatting to Joe Venti  and Phil Baker (Corky’s band mates)  outside. A couple of genuinely nice blokes.   Opening act Mantra came on pretty sharpish.  We weren’t really sure why there needed to be 2 support acts , but they played all original material apart from an encore of ‘Voodoo Chile’. A lot better than the usual pub covers outfits we see every week.    The Rainbreakers are the regular support on Corky’s short tour. Again, mostly their own songs (I have never heard anyone else cover a Wood Brothers song though).   They also finished up with a version of Cher’s ‘Bang Bang’ , done a la Vanilla Fudge’s 1967 variation.

So, onto Laurence Gordon Laing. The event was very poorly advertised, I only found out by a fluke, but we were well pleased to be standing feet from Corky Laing Plays Mountain.   Will leave a set list to the very end, in case anyone is reading this and is planning to see them (and doesn’t want know what was played .). Did they sound like Mountain?  Not really, but we were both happy to see Mountain songs played with enthusiasm.   I am sure Phil does not profess to be Leslie West, and Joe has actually ‘been’ Felix Pappalardi for longer. Joe played bass with Leslie West in the late 70s and had his ‘Project’ and K2,  a Mountain tribute. (And I believe he was briefly in Mountain c. 2005?) But Corky is our favourite drummer in the world and , having paid his dues, is totally justified in playing stuff he has played live since 1969.  No real surprises in the set, which included nods to Cream and West, Bruce and Laing,. We both enjoyed it, but the turnout was pitiful.  Less than 30, I counted just before they came on.  No flying drumsticks from Corky this time and we were hoping he may have brought some old Mountain T-shirts. But maybe there wasn’t enough room.  I asked  Joe about a keyboard player being considered, but he said they couldn’t afford it.  As always, Corky hung around to chat afterwards., a real gentleman.


Set List.   Silver Paper (spoken by Corky), Never in my Life, Long Red, Nantucket Sleighride, Mississippi Queen, Theme from an Imaginary Western, Dreams of Milk and Honey/ Blood of the Sun,  Like a Rolling Stone (Corky on his own),  Don’t Look Around, Sitting on a Rainbow, For Yasgur’s Farm, Travelling in the Dark, Politician, Sunshine of your Love, The Doctor.

Can’t believe that we heard two different outfits playing ‘Never in my Life’ and ‘Mississippi Queen’ in barely more than a week!


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