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Creedence Clearwater Revival (Andy Powell v Martin Turner Pt 7)

I reckon even Martin Turner will be laughing at this, as it puts his dispute with Andy Powell firmly into focus.  The website for Rock Artist Management has CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL’ down as playing the Butlins Giants of Rock Fest at Minehead!   I kept looking again and again.  Not ‘…Review’, who are a copy act. Not ‘…Revisited’ who include the original bass player and drummer, either.  Seemingly it is as the headline says.

However, there  are some clues once we know it is Butlins.  The main man at Rock Artist Management is Pete Barton. He books the Butlins acts (see many previous entries on this website).   He once played in the Animals  with Johnny ‘Guitar’ Williamson.  Mr W once had a Creedence copy act called Creedence Clearwater Revived.  A look on the Ents24 booking site reveals the existence of , and I quote, ‘Johnny ‘Guitar’ Williamson’s Creedence Clearwater Revival’ !!!  No kidding!

I look forward to a Mr John Fogerty’s reaction to this information, which can only be described using Chris Kamara’s favourite word…unbelievable!

A further search has found Creedence Clearwater Revived are playing in KIel, it says ‘Revival’ on the RockArtistManagement site though!   And blow me down, guess who else is in the line up?!  Clue, first name Pete, second name rhymes with ‘f*rt on’.


Andy Powell v Martin Turner. (Part 6) ‘They think it’s all over’…(Kenneth Wolstenholme)

The ‘Onboard the Craft’ festival, a great little chilled-out, not an ounce of malice in their bones event ,announced ‘Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash’ as appearing next year.  I immediately advised the organiser that the name of the act needed to be changed to ‘Martin Turner plays the music of Wishbone Ash’. The organiser did not know of the details behind the ‘strange affair’, but I warned him of possible repercussions from the current owner of the name ‘Wishbone Ash’.  He altered the name immediately to the ‘agreed’ version.

The Wishbone Ash Facebook website has (laughably) warned their fans to be wary of the new poster.  As far as I can see, the title has been amended to squeeze onto the poster with the correct name, hasn’t it?  One contributor has commented that most of us have the power to read and are quite aware of who is whom. Another , a Powellite or relative , has been more discourteous.  So why doesn’t Martin Turner highlight a Wishbone Ash poster and similarly’ warn ‘ his fans not to be confused?!  Is he above such pettiness? Maybe he knows his fans know who is who…and can read?

We have been watching Wishbone Ash annually since the mid-seventies, usually in Leeds.  Since Martin Turner made his re-entry into the Wishbone Ash saga, we have probably watched him annually.  I have spent countless pounds on Wishbone Ash records, tapes, cds, bootlegs, T-shirts and gigs.  I reckon I am pretty well qualified to express an opinion on the music being performed by both acts since 2005.  In my humble opinion, I don’t think Wishbone Ash have produced a decent studio record since ‘Illuminations’. (‘Bare Bones’ was ok, but not totally ‘new’).   Every one of their recent lps has resulted in their performing a few tracks on their annual tour. The next year, they are pretty much dropped and replaced by some tracks from that particular year,  then again next year, then again.   How many tracks from their ‘Blue Horizon’ will they be playing in 40 years time?  Or even next year?

Martin Turner has admittedly only put out 2 ‘live’ discs until recently. I haven’t heard the new studio cd.

Seemingly, Mr Powell still has to put his oar in , and has to post a pitiful dig at the ‘Onboard the Craft’ poster.   It is so ironic that the person who invited Mr Powell into his (and Steve Upton’s) group, who was the main vocalist and provided most of the songs (which Mr Powell is still making a living off) is maintaining his dignity by choosing to keep his own counsel.    And then there is Wishbone Ashtray.  Ashtray, y’know, an  outdated item full of used-up pieces of rubbish only fit for the dustbin.