Butlins Rock and Blues. Jazz Stage

At the risk of going over old ground, again,  I suggest that those ‘Rock and Blues’ fans who are concerned about the event being hi-jacked by jazz should look at the roster of artists handled by Rock Artist Management.  Not only are pretty much all of the artists booked at Skegness handled by RAM, but…and it is a very worrying ‘but’…the agency now has 4 jazz acts on its roster, as well as the huge amount of acts from various genres of rock and blues .   Two of the four names are Snake Davis and a certain Courtney Pine!!

Could I be forgiven for thinking that the line-up of the festival is therefore being dictated by Rock Artist Management and not Butlins or the customers?  Because they also represent a few jazz acts,  it seems that they are pressing to have a jazz stage to book their own acts?  Am I being paranoid?  Hopefully not.  Meanwhile you may have to swap your Rory Gallagher  t-shirts for Charlie Parker ones.


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