Butlins Rock and Blues Festival continued ‘Comfort zone’

This year’s festival and its possible repercussions have caused more social media comments than I can ever remember.  It all brings to mind an oft-used phrase, namely  COMFORT ZONE.

It seems that for every ‘Dr Feelgood…again!!’ (ie  Great!), there is a ‘Dr Feelgood…again??’  (ie Not so great). reaction.  The likes of Feelgoods are a regular fixture and the majority of people have in the past almost expected them to be there.  Nine Below Zero, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Slack Alice, Blues Band are all nearly always there, and this is the’ comfort zone’ that many people want.

Ironically, it is the booking agent who is responsible for this familiarity in the line-up!  I reckon there are lots of customers who don’t have local music venues , and Skeggy is a huge source of riches for them. We see live music once/twice weekly and have become more particular.

So the backlash to this sneaky introduction of jazz is twofold. 1. The objection to a Rock and Blues Festival being hi-jacked by an unwanted extra genre. There never used to be a Folk Festival, it is now massively successful. So the seeming need for ‘jazz’ throws up a blindingly obvious solution. Well, it does to me. 2. The majority of  punters are actually happy with the regular acts being there every year, but would like a bit of a say in headliners (safe in the knowledge that suggestions will be taken seriously, and obvious priority is not given to acts from a certain agency)


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