Tribute Acts…Ad Nauseum. Swinging Blue Jeans. Dr Feelgood. Yes

Her ladyship noticed another discussion regarding exactly what is a ‘tribute’ act.  Some people seem to confuse the concept with a covers act.  Skeggy has brought up the Dr Feelgood question, re their now having no original. members.  We class it as a metamorphosis with a brief hiatus to regroup (no pun intended).

Is our chum McTaff, a decades-long fan of Yes, currently holding tickets to go and see a tribute act then?(Yes do not have any original members now, neither have Man). Ask their fans.

Our last visit to a 60s Skeggy weekend (see earlier review), genuinely revealed not a single member of ANY act on Saturday night who was in the line-up in the 60s!  ‘Festival of the not in the sixties’ then?

The recent goings on with the Swinging Blue Jeans is interesting, do a search.

Am I right in thinking that the three original members of Sugababes reformed but had to use another name , as the existing Sugababes (with no original members) had the ‘name’

A Leeds Utd supporter since 1975 once asked me how I could not regard Dr Feelgood as now being a tribute act. I said that , coincidentally, I had been a fan since 1975. The Leeds Utd team he currently supported has a different line-up to 1975, what’s the difference?!  They certainly don’t have any original members now!  (From 1919!)

The Acoustic Festival of Britain now has 4 tribute acts on this year. It wasn’t so long ago that they reluctantly had 1.  But the most requested act  to return this year is The Counterfeit Stones, and it is those voters who buy the tickets.    So I had to have a little chuckle when a ‘cute’ poster appeared on their Facebook page, one sentence says ‘DON’T  BE A COPY. THE WORLD NEEDS ORIGINALS. ‘



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