Farmer Phil’s Festival 2016

It was our first visit to Farmer Phil’s last year. Apparently Dreadzone are a recently announced headliner, we won’t be holding our breath to wait for the other.*

So it is official then?  The festival is to be renamed as Farmer Phil’s Jumping up and Down Festival?  For some bizarre reason, we have been under the impression that is not unreasonable to buy tickets to a music festival and to actually watch and listen to the music…preferably sitting comfortably. It appears not.   And, ironically, I have just watched a clip of arguably the most iconic music festival ever, namely Woodstock. For pretty much all of the time the crowd seem to be sitting down.  (And, no, I wasn’t one of the crowd!).  **The song by Cream that had the same title as one by Mary Hopkins springs to mind.

* Update…The Selecter.

**Those were the Days.


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