The KirkbyBeats. The Lion, Castleford. 2.4.2016

The music on offer at The Lion is mainly rock covers outfits, with the accent firmly on AC/DC and Thin Lizzy. But every so often they have groups who have a 60s repertoire and The KirkbyBeats (have I spelled it correctly?) is one such group.

60s pub/club groups are ten a penny. The songs are generally relatively easy to play and even the customers who weren’t around in the 60s seem to know all the words.

The songs from The KirkbyBeats are all familiar. Plenty of Rolling  Stones and Animals numbers plus well-known  Beatles, Who, Byrds tracks.   ‘Something in the Air’ was the most recent song.

Not much different to the set lists from other 60s cover acts, although the deceptively tricky ‘Please Please Me’ is rarely featured by many others.  And that is one reason why this lot are a bit different. Most of the 60s groups range from adequate to awful, but The KirkbyBeats are probably the best we have seen…and we have seen a lot!

Good playing, good vocals, good sound and no naff ‘club’ banter. The pub was pretty full when they started, people had obviously seen them here before.

It is very rare that we risk stopping until 11.00pm and pray that the last bus home doesn’t miss. This was one occasion when we decided it was worth staying.  Heartily recommended for anyone thinking about a birthday party booking maybe, not just a Saturday night in the pub.


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