Corky Laing plays Mountain. Greystones. 11.05.2016

Back in 2004 , we saw Mountain play in Nashville (yes, Nashville!). I asked Corky afterwards if Mountain had ever played ‘My Lady’ live (our favourite Mountain song). He said that they never had. It was HIS  song (which Mr and Mrs Pappalardi dubiously claimed co-composition of) about his then-wife and was reluctant to play it.

We saw Corky playing Mountain last year in York (see review November 2016), and Her Ladyship asked for it as a request ‘next time’. ‘Next time’ was now ‘this time’.  Got in the pub early (5.20pm) having booked into our B&B. She saw Corky coming through the door and she showed him her ‘My Lady’ t-shirt. He said he and the others had just been talking about the request, and sure enough we could hear them soundchecking it. (Along with ‘Crossroader’, ‘Travelling in the dark’ and the heavy workout of ‘Stormy Monday’).

Kick-off was 8.45 pm and by 8.40pm there were precisely 9 people in. NINE bloody people! To see arguably the best and definitely the most entertaining drummer in the world play songs from a great group?  They came on on time, the crowd had ‘swelled’ to 19, they must have been the same people who were at York?  Anyway, straight into ‘Silver paper’, and the set list was pretty much as last time. A couple of positional changes, and the first major change was Corky pointing out Her Ladyship before doing ‘My Lady’. He reckoned it had taken them 8 months to learn it!   ‘Crossroader’ as an encore was the only other major change.

We thought they were pretty good last time, they were even better this time. Corky was well fired-up. Joe’s vocals were a sort-of mix between Leslie and Felix, with Phil taking the lead on a couple of numbers.

A great night , in the presence of a great drummer who always comes out and chats. Somehow I just can’t imagine Ginger Baker being as approachable. Thanks Joe for firing a bass pick in Her Ladyship’s direction.

Tickets a steal at £12.00. The same price as Ezio, who seem to be absolutely fantastic according to the Greystones web page. Without wishing to be harsh, I am tempted to ‘slightly question’ the mental faculties of the contributors. We have seen, and heard, them…. once.


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