A New Day. Update

A few points have been raised on social media, so just to clarify/expand. Many of the points questioned concerned info that was given to me by third parties, so apologies for inaccuracies if ‘facts’ are not indeed ‘facts’

!. Re Dave’s involvement at Weyfest. As above, ie what I was told.

2. Re chairs/standing. It annoys us big style too when people put chairs/blankets/bollards/fences/barbed wire etc and then disappear for hours.  I originally did an update re standing in front of people that, conversely, people should not expect to park a chair a few yards from the stage and expect to have an unexpected view of the stage. But I forgot to press the update button!

3. Re Weyfest’s ‘business-like’ ethos. I was told, for example, when questioning Weyfest’s use of a ticket agency, thereby passing a huge admin fee onto the customer, that the powers that be basically didn’t want to be bothered opening envelopes, processing cheques, putting tickets into envelopes, licking the envelopes etc and were happy to let the punter effectively pay for that. I was told this by someone who may now not remember saying it!   So I am not going to say any more on that.

4. Re individual acts. I was quite forceful in expressing disapproval occasionally, but just my opinion. I didn’t buy Mr Blobby’s Christmas single many years ago. Thousands did, were they right and was I wrong?   Eg Flutatious.  I clearly said that they were good musicians, but, for me, totally instrumental stuff tends leave me a bit numb. I conceded that fans of them and Jean Michel Jarre would disagree.  All down to opinion. I would be interested to know if anyone would go to a complete weekend of music with no vocals.

5. Re comment attributed to Dave over cost of a half. Looks like Dave’s reply had been slightly mutated from leaving his lips to being passed onto me. Slight case of Chinese Whispers maybe, but, in my opinion, it IS sharp practice to charge £2.00 for a half when a pint is only £3.50.  A pub surely would be taken to task.

It was a really good festival, as I said.

There have been a couple of hundred or so views of the original post, so at least it has got people talking and giving the organisers ‘food for thought’ (and I still don’t like UB40!).  It pales into insignificance when I did a review of our visit to Beemageddon some years ago. There were 3491 views! It was as if I had presented the Queen Mother for vivisection


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