2016 Musical Summary

No more tickets in the cupboard so…

  1. Best gig. Some really good ones, especially in the spring. And from US visitors. Television, Flaming’ Groovies, Long Ryders, Dan Stuart and Corky Laing all deserve plaudits, but outstanding was Neil Young and Promise of the Real.
  2. Best festival. We enjoyed them all, in their own ways. In a photo finish, first place to Blind Cat.
  3. Worst performance. Not ‘worst’, let’s say ‘disappointing’. Nine Below Zero at A new Day Festival.
  4. Biggest surprise. Acoustic version of ‘Godzilla’ by Kasim Sulton.
  5. Could have been even better.  If the great Webb Wilder could have brought his full group.
  6. Most annoying concept.  Great British Rock and Blues Festival deciding that their audience should be subjected to jazz. It looks like they have had a rethink.

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