Grateful Dead. Cornell University. 8.5.1977

The recording has just been released via their own ‘deadnet’ website, although it has been doing the rounds among deadheads for decades.

So is the ‘official’ recording worth lashing out mucho dollars on, either in cd or vinyl form?  5 lps or 3 cds (it doesn’t quite fit on 2 cds.)

First up, I am a fan, but I much prefer the contents of their first sets (relatively short songs which included the occasional cover version) to the second set numbers (long jamming numbers, usually involving percussion sections).

I managed to cobble together most of the first set, with ‘New Minglewood Blues’, ‘El Paso’, ‘Deal’ and the like , with 17 minute versions of  ‘Not Fade Away’and ‘Morning Dew’ from the second set onto a single cd. Plus the ‘One More Saturday Night ‘ encore.

So ‘Scarlet Begonias’, ‘Fire on the Mountain’, ‘Estimated Prophet’ and ‘St Stephen’ fell under the editor’s knife.

The set seems to have garnered semi-legendary status and generally achieves nearly all 5 star reviews from deadheads. Me?  I own up to not listening to the bits I omitted but the rest didn’t jump out and assault my wedding tackle. My favourite GD lp was ‘American Beauty’, in fact one of my favourites by anyone!  And my favourite GD live number is ‘Bertha’. Neither of which featured here. ‘El Paso’ always seemed very cheesy,  but the lengthy ‘NFA’ and ‘MD’ were pretty good.

If you have never heard the Dead, this release won’t blow you away (in my opinion). But they weren’t one of the biggest outfits in the USA for nothing, so take advantage of their generosity in allowing tapers to roll , and find some downloads.



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