The Beach Boys. Scarborough Open Air Theatre. 24.05.2017

I have always been a fan, so the chance of a day in Her Ladyship’s home town of Scarborough, plus the no 1 summer group on an ideal stage, was not to be missed.

Gates opened at 6.30pm, to an absolutely STUPID queue! Why were thousands waiting meekly there, all the bloody tickets are numbered and seated! We sat nearby for 30 mins or so and eventually joined the flock. The Tailormade were support act, came on just after 7.00pm. A group of late 20s-ish lads, who were competent, but had the organisers not maybe had a guess at the average age of the audience! Namely, about 60! So why have some young men whose audience must be teenage girls? And I don’t believe the ‘Thanks for being invited as support…’ for one minute. These tours nowadays demand support acts who ‘pay to play’. Don’t believe me?  Ask Kasabian how much they had to pay the Rolling Stones…they even had to pay for a ticket to watch Mick & Co from the wings! (Apparently, I must add).  And how is it that these lads have more dates at. the Open Air Theatre as support? Sounds very suspect, and I bet Mike Love is quite a few bob better off .  Totally inappropriate billing, like having the Merseybeats supporting Justin Beiber.

Anyway, 8.00 pm and the backing film show starts. I had a bet with Her Ladyship re the opening song. ”Do it Again’ or her choice ‘California Girls’. She owes me a quid, so ‘East coast girls are hip’ wasn’t quite right.  Followed with ‘Surfin’ Surfari’, ‘Catch a Wave’, the set is similar to the one they did at York Races back in 2014.  I won’t bore you with all the details, it is nowadays a 2 hour snappy run through all the hits and more. The accent is very much on the surf and car early 60s songs, although the highlight for us (as at York) is the footage of Carl Wilson singing ‘God only Knows’ at Knebworth, with the current line up adding the rest. Nice gesture re the Manchester incident, with a moment’s silence.

The theme at York was ‘Fun, fun, fun’, today it is the 50th anniversary of the ‘Wild Honey’ lp. Not a real classic, but it sells t-shirts. Their version of ‘California  Dreaming’ didn’t make the cut, but ‘Wendy’ and Dennis Wilson’s ‘Forever’ have been added.

Mike Love (and Bruce Johnston) have assembled a very good team of musicians to recreate the 60s sounds. All good pros, when the drummer’s mic cut out during ‘Cototnfields’ Bruce took over without missing a beat. Of course there are people who complain about lack of original members, but is there a 60s group on the planet that can boast the original line-up? I reckon Crosby, Stills and Nash were technically the last, until Mr Nash finally realised what a horrible person Mr Crosby is and ‘Shut Down’ was declared. But there are rumours of an ‘anti-Trump ‘ protest gig.*

Tickets reasonable at £28.00 plus booking fee (much less than the 50 th anniversary tour with other 60s members temporarily on board).  Just close your eyes for a couple of hours , lie back and enjoy some classic songs.

* Are ZZ Top all 60s originals?


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