A Band of Gypsies. Lion , Castleford. 10.6.2017

I was intrigued by the name , having the Hendrix lp, so we decided to give them a go.

Opening with ‘Purple Haze’ and ‘Fire’, the singer / guitarist gave us some hyperbolic Hendrixisms. Then , much to our surprise, Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues’, followed by some JJ Cale. So they aren’t just a Hendrix tribute act.

Some Floyd was next, and when someone asks ‘Are there any Gary Moore fans in?, you know it is going to be ‘You know I love you…da da da da da’ (written by Jimmy Rodgers though).   A good version of Robert Johnson’s ‘Crossroads’, a la Cream.  They were the best covers groups we had seen for a long time, so decided to stay until the last bus.

Then we got bloody ‘Wishing Well’! We had missed our usual bus by then. A very good Floyd medley of ‘Breathe’, ‘Comfortably Numb’ and ‘Money’ brought the first set to a close.

And we never got to see any of the second set anyway, they still hadn’t come back on by the time we had to leave.



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