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Poco. City Winery. NYC 13 Sept 2017

A very intimate venue, light years away from last night’s visit to the Barclays Centre. Ironic that back in 1970, Poco were arguably bigger than Pink Floyd in the USA. We saw them back in 76 at York University, with only Rusty Young remaining from that line-up.

Chelsea Williams opened proceedings with a brief set, starting with ‘Fool’s Gold’ from her ‘Boomerang’ lp . She got a good reception.

Not long before Poco took the stage, starting with ‘Call it love’ (including a false start!). The more recent ‘All Fired Up’ was next. There were quite a few songs from Rusty Young’s new solo lp, which was getting its official launch.  ‘Rose of Cimarron’ featured a guest appearance by Ms W, it is Her Ladyship’s favourite.  They delved into the Buffalo Springfield as well as their own first lp. The two hits from ‘Legend’ got an airing as did the ‘Neil Young’ song from ‘All Fired Up’. And , yes, I too once believed the fake news that they were brothers!

The set finished with ‘Good Feeling to Know’ and the encore was’ Keep on Tryin’.  A much more low-key event than last night, maybe we could have had one or two more slightly older songs?  Rusty’s new record and the recent-ish ‘All Fired Up’ occupied the majority of the evening. Strangely Rusty never played his pedal steel.

But a good night all in all, glad I saw them again after forty-plus years.


Roger Waters. Barclays Centre. NYC. 12 Sept. 2017

Long queues to get in, as security was very tight. 8.00pm start, we were just trying to find our seats way up in the ‘gods’ when it kicked off. Fortunately, we were given much better tickets by a female employee as Mr Waters was making his way through ‘Breathe’. ‘One of these days’ followed, and the rest of the first set featured more from ‘DSOTM’ side 1, a couple from ‘WYWH’, a chunk of new songs from his recent record and extracts from ‘The Wall’ to finish.

The second set started with two  ‘Animals’ tracks and pretty much the rest of ‘DSOTM’.  The visuals took on another dimension! Another new song was fitted in and the encore returned to ‘The Wall’, culminating with ‘Comfortably Numb’.

Mr W has assembled a pretty good team, the two girl singers are possibly the best on stage since the release of ‘DSOTM’.  His politicising may certainly have upset some of the US president’s followers!  The visual aspect of the show was stunning. At times it actually deflected attention from the stage.  In fact. it wasn’t just a ‘gig’, it wasn’t even just a ‘show’, it was a ‘phenomenon’.

At present, no shows announced for the UK, but it really is a ‘must-see’ event. He seems to have come to terms with the fact that people are there primarily to listen to classic Floyd and he gives them it in spades. His recent record sounds like it too. I tried to avoid details of the set list in case anybody is going and prefers not to know, but the internet makes the idea pointless nowadays. Same applies to Her Ladyship’s photos.

I always feel that ‘DSOTM’ is better when played continuously in its entirety, but it was still an amazing night.

Whitwell Festival of Music. Whitwell. 8-10. Sept. 2017

This was the ninth festival, but only our first.  Got there in good time and were greeted in a very friendly manner by a couple of volunteers (rather than being grunted at by some minimum wage youths).

The weekend had an eclectic feel, with a mixture of metal (Oliver/Dawson Saxon), folk (Morris and Watson, Will Whisson), reggae (Easydread), folk-punk-roots (Headsticks), rock ‘n’ roll-rockabilly (The Vegas Six), old school punk (Verbal Warning) , spoken word (Pete Drake, Attila the Stockbroker) and tribute acts (London Calling, Slade UK).  Best of Fest award went to the growling blues of the frighteningly young Tom McCartney. (This was only what we watched, of course. There was plenty more.) Unfortunately we couldn’t stay on Sunday as we were flying off to New York, check out Her Ladyship’s photos from the next review.

Decent choice of food on offer and Festival Ale @£2.50. If they can manage t-shirts @£8.00 it makes you wonder why other festivals charge £15.00.    The event is in the Community Centre (a converted school) with indoor and outdoor stages, the latter (on the old playground) only used on the Saturday. There was also a Spoken Word room.

It is a charity festival, the Arts Council funding seemingly has stopped this year? Of course, if it was in London and featured ballet and opera, it would have had millions of pounds thrown at it (and a high speed railway line to get there too).

It really is a great little festival, with profits going to charity and a small amount held over for the following year.

Looking forward to the tenth festival next year, many thanks to Neal, Val and all the unpaid volunteers that really do make it ‘Derbyshire’s Best-Kept Secret’

Late PS. Re the funding comment, the Whitwell Festival of Music Facebook page points out they have not had any for 4 years!  They also point out the critical role played by local sponsors so please check out their page for details.  Apologies for not highlighting the funding situation enough!

Slack Alice featuring Des Horsfall. Duck and Drake. 3.09.2017

Brief history lesson to start (sorry if any inaccuracies).  Back in the 70s, there was the 1st Division in British Rock Music. featuring The Who, The Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and maybe a few more. Div 2 had such as Wishbone Ash, Family, Caravan, Man, Barclay James Harvest. The next tier down had the likes of Audience, Hookfoot, If and…Slack Alice (there were tw0 different Slack Alices!). Those groups who were decent and always got a gig on the club/college circuit. Regulars at Butlins Rock and Blues Festival, Her Ladyship is a fan.    Main man/lead vocalist  Cliff Stocker died last year, and Des Horsfall has been invited to front the remnants.

We have been watching Mr H for two decades. West Yorkshire’s no.1 Country/Roots man, I even bought two copies of his 1996 ‘Easy Road’ cd.  So this was an intriguing prospect.

Starting at 6.30pm, the opening song was Moon Martin’s most famous number ‘Bad Case of Loving You’.  The first set was a mixture of Cliff Stocker originals, the occasional cover (Frankie Miller), some of Des’s Ronnie Lane trilogy and a drum and bass solo!    The second set had more Slack Alice originals plus, again,  the odd cover and some old Des stuff.  I was hoping for ‘Whistle to Blow’ but no luck. They encored with another go at ‘Bad Case…’ as they weren’t happy with version 1. (It seemed ok to us!).

Yes it was a strange combination but it worked really well. The Slack Alice lads adapted well to Des’s country rock/ roots style, and Des filled Mr Stocker’s role very well without trying to imitate the inimitable .

Her Ladyship was kindly given a set list, so I haven’t listed the songs above.  However, there were some deviations.  Her Ladyship will hopefully take a photo and put it onto the end.

They are down to play again at Skeggy in January, well worth checking out.